Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Blessed Event!

Sarah and her godparents!

Our Kids- thank you Jesus!

Mom and Dad with Sarah on her big day!

The baptism!

Sarah with her candle and sash!

The whole family... for now that is!

Fr. Tim and Sarah!

The gang!

Sarah with her new cross from Katie and Devan. Devan got it for her from Italy! 

Yesterday was a big day for Sarah, it was her baptismal day! We tried to explain it to her but we could see she was concerned so after church last week we walked through what was going to happen on her big day. She was much more at ease and counted down the days until the big event! In the morning she announced "Today is my special day!"

We really wanted all the kids there to support her so it took us awhile to find a weekend where everyone could attend her baptism. Her godparents are big brother Billy and big sis Katie. Matt and Mark are godparents to Anna.

It was a challenge coordinating everyone- my fear was that we would be late to church - and that just couldn't happen, NOT today! After we got everyone looking somewhat presentable we snapped a few pics and head over to church.

The service was so so nice! They did a few things differently to make it special for an older child baptism. They introduced Sarah, her parents (us) and the godparents at the beginning of the service. We walked down the center aisle at church and then were seated until the baptism began. Everything was so nice and went so well. It was so special for her! We are so thankful for this special day. God is so good!

Katie's pics are much better than mine but right now I do not have hers so I am just posting what I have. One of the family shots or pics of the kids will mostly be our Christmas pic. Hopefully God will bless us with our two new daughters and we can photoshop them in!

When it was time to bring up food donations the 2 girls brought up there soup and hurried back to us. Sarah started to vault right over the rows to us and Anna was going to crawl under the pews. I think the look on my face was one of shock- oops, no no girls come around. All eyes were on them and the parishioners loved it. Here they are in the pretty little dresses behaving so well and then surprise- let's take the shortcut!

During the service Anna had many helpers taking care of her! She managed to tight rope the top of the pew going from one set of helping hands to the next! Thank goodness for their help!

We snapped more pics after the service and then went out to eat. Sarah was thrilled with her special day!! She is such a blessing to us! Thank you Jesus!


Lori said...

What a special day!
The pics are wonderful!!

David and Sarah said...

God is good! Such a special day!


Pam said...

Congratulations on your special day, Sarah! What a beautiful family you have!

Jboo said...

You have such a beautiful family! Blessings to you all on such a wonderful occasion!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Blessings to y'all on such a special weekend... and how nice that y'all could ALL be together for it.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sarah is beautiful. I am so happy that she will grow up knowing her savior.You have the most beautiful family ever!!! WOW!!! Now you just need to get those other two sweeties home so they too can experience your family and Christ in their lives!!!

Mel, Pete and Clara said...

Jean, what a beautiful family you have! I smiled and laughed reading about Sarah and Anna taking the "short cut" through the pews, after meeting Sarah, I could just picture that! She is a darling, happy, full of curiosity and life kind of kid—just delightful!

So nice to meet you and connect through blogging, it'll be fun to read all about the process and trip for your new family members! Best to you! Mel

Mel, Pete and Clara said...

p.s. I "bootlegged" your letter from Love without Boundaries from your other blog—such an important message, I posted it on my blog as well—thanks for that! mel

Janet and Kevin said...

We are so happy for Sarah. What a special day in a special family. God bless her walk with Christ.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

McNew Family said...

Congratulations on your Baptism, Sarah! Our Chicka needs to be baptised still. MissE and IBoy want to be her godparents, but IBoy hasn't been confirmed yet!


Mom to my China Posse said...

What a beautiful family and most important day. Its awesome your older kids are Sarah's God parents I know that must make your heart sing. Congratulations!