Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not a Done Deal (BUT we are moving along!)

We have all our paperwork done and turned in for our LOI.  It will be sent for translation on Monday and within a week after that it will be in China! Praise the Lord! We are thrilled to have it done and on it's way! Our adoption is not a sure thing, PLEASE pray for us, pray that we get our PA! Please pray that we find favor with the Chinese government and that hubby's little mishap with the meter maid does not cause them to say no to us. Please pray for God's intervention in bringing our daughters home to us!

We have also finished all of our C*S  I-800A papers and they are on their way to wherever they are supposed to go! They should arrive on Monday, August 10th! That is another praise the Lord! Again we are thrilled to have the paperwork done and on it's way!!

Bring on the dossier!! We just want to get the show on the road!

We received a movie with the girls in it, a while ago but I have been unable to open it. Today our oldest son got it open! It is so great to see the girls in a movie! The are so precious! I get so excited when I see pictures or videos of them- my heart skips a beat! We are eager to moving along the paperwork trail and getting our girls home!

God is so Good!


TanyaLea said...

Oh Jean... that is just AWESOME! Our CIS papers are right behind yours. Every step feels so great! Praying that your PA is granted and comes, SOON! God is faithful and I truly believe that He will make it happen! <><

Blessings and Hugs,

Lynsay said...

Woohoo!! I'm so excited! Will be praying!! Can't wait to see you over there again! Thank you so much for the sponsorship again, what a blessing. Bill is going back on Monday and will be sending me some updates so I can send them out. Just so you know we are planning for Luke to go for surgery sometime end of August! Blessings.

David and Sarah said...

Wonderful! You're getting closer. I'll be praying for you.


Sally- That Girl! said...

You are miles ahead of us, if that makes you feel any better!! I will be praying for favor with China. Can't wait to see these girls with you!

Mom Of Many said...

The favor is yours in Jesus precious name!! I am so excited for those two sweet girls - to have you and Jim for parents - what a blessing!! You rock girlfriend - you rock!! xo

Janet said...

Yay! One step closer. Isn't it wonderful to have all the technology these days! We got our PA in a week, with our 1st one it was forever--snail mail. Janet

mom2eliza said...

Hip hip hooray! That is such an accomplishment (all of those letters and numbers that make up the paper component of our children's births into our families...LOI, I-800, etc.)! How sweet that you have a video of the girls too. I'd love to see it sometime when you can share it. I hope I get to meet your girls when I travel and get some video too!! I just uploaded some video of Ava Meiying to my blog. I've watched it more than I've done anything else today. LOL