Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reading to the Girls!

Awesome comments for my last post- thank you so much! Today we put aside our worksheet and textbooks... okay, truth be told we were done with them ;-) BUT we read our Sonlight books and that alone lead to conversation after conversation. I do love Sonlight!! The stories are so great and timeless! They are a joy to read!

When we first started my sweet Sarah really wasn't listening so we needed to repeat quite a bit- this will be a challenge for her BUT if she knows I will stop and discuss what we are reading she WILL listen! It just so happens that my sweet daughter from China is just as much of a gunner as her MOM! Which most of the time is wonderful and then sometimes it is very challenging!

We have actually gone all the way back to Sonlight P 3/4. I was feeling like P4/5 was too far ahead of her and knowing that we can go through this at a faster pace I decided to go back to the beginning. It's the all important picture to word ratio! It just has to be the right blend! But she is responded very well, today!

We started with the 101 bible stories- the story of creation. We reviewed it a couple times and then moved on. We got to a story about a robin building a nest. Sarah asked " Who built the nest?" "GOD?" which was so cute because of the lesson before but I did have to say "No, the birds built the nest for their babies."  ;-)  Sarah is pretty sure God does everything now! That was a successful lesson- by golly, I think she's right ! He does! Anna of course is with us but she is usually doing her acrobats during school time ;-) I will be doing this lesson and all of them again ;-0  I mean  ;-)
and again and again and again!

This post was supposed to be about naming your child in an older child adoption but I got side tracked SOooooo stay tuned I will let you know my feelings on this all important issue!

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!


Hezra said...

sounds like you and the girls hada fun day! We just got to the New Testament stories in that 101 Bible Stories. My 5 y o BEGS to hear the new one each day. I am amazed at what the littles get out of it. BTW I am very interested to know your thouhts on older children and names. We are praying and thinking this out now.

Lori said...

I really need to check out Sonlight. The stories sound wonderful!

Good job on keeping such close tabs on Sarah's progress and backing up as needed. The way you are pouring the love of Jesus into her by giving her so much of your time and patience will no doubt produce HUGE amounts of fruitfulness. Keep up the good work!!

Chad and Kristy said...

I have a little acrobate too:) We are sending Colin to pre-school 2 days a week and doing Sonlight 3 days with him. He is such a monkey:)

Looking forward to starting the pre-K4/5 with Anna Li plus a little more challenging stuff too.. like some math worksheets, handwriting, and readers for her to practice on. I am sure it will be an adventure:)

David and Sarah said...

Sounds wonderful! Our first few years of homeschooling were pretty much ALL reading. Now, the kids read to themselves a lot. We do read together, but not as much as we used to.