Monday, August 10, 2009

Tell Me About Your "Other" Kids?

I often share about all of our children- I am a child crazy person- always have been and I always will be. I never knew these feelings would carry on to adulthood and still be so strong! The dear Lord has instilled this in me so we just go with it! Thank goodness hubby delights in them just as much as I do!!

Before we adopted Anna we decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International. I looked on the lists and started to pic favorites and then got completely overwhelmed with all the precious children in need. We then decided to just let them choose for us, figuring God would orchestrate all of this- we were matched with a little 10 yr old girl from India! She lives with her family- 2 parents and 2 brothers. They are very poor but our donation allows her to attend  a christian school and get a good meal once a day. Bless her little heart! When you sponsor a child through this organization you get regular updates on how they are doing in their family and in school. The children write a letter to their sponsor family and we write her back. It is very simple, they practically do everything for you! We just write words of encouragement, praises to our Lord and tidbits on our family along with an occasional picture. It brings us such joy to hear from her!

We have another little girl in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, China where our Anna is from. The sponsorship is through Altrusa, an organization that helps provide foster care for children with disabilities. The first little one we sponsored in this Province was adopted a year ago she had cleft L/P just like our little Anna. Our new little one is just a year old and had a teratoma removed. We would so love to know more about how she is doing but the updates are vague- I am sure they cannot be specific. Since I am a nurse at heart I want to know everything.  Their are many children adopted from this Province. We were so thankful for the wonderful foster care our little Anna got we wanted to give back to the community.

Last but not least is our precious Luke! He is in the Morning Star Family Home.  Check out their website- they have children in need of sponsors. This is a very special "orphanage". It was started by a family from the USA. The caregivers all love the Lord! The children are prayed for daily! What an incredible blessing! Often times it takes more than one family to sponsor a child- there may be someone else out there that is also sponsoring Luke or one of the other children. If by any chance it is you- please share!! 

I have to be honest that sometimes I forget about these darling children. With everyday life being busy, I need to remind myself to pray for them. That is why I am posting about it - if you have children you sponsor or you hope to someday sponsor a child please share with us! There us nothing more blessed than a child! Thank you Jesus!


Lori said...

Thank you Jean, for bringing more light to the Morning Star Project and the need for child sponsorship!

I can't wait until I get to go hold those babies...SOON!!

Joan said...

I sponsor a little girl from my older daughter's orphanage. This is my second sponsored child. The first one was a little boy but he was adopted. I need to look into sponsoring a child from my younger daughter's orphanage but haven't done it yet.

Pam said...

We sponsor "Katherine" from PHF and also a "Baby Sister" through Half the Sky from AC's orphanage, Chenzhou. Kate is from Shangrao (before she went to PHF) from the "Ling" orphanage. Was that Anna's orphanage?

Acceptance with Joy said...

We sponsor two children...or at least they were children. We have sponsored this one boy for 12 years. He is almost 16 now. We also sponsor a 14 year old girl. They are both through International Children's Care.

mom2eliza said...

Beautiful, thanks for reminding me that there's so many ways to give back. Will pray for your other children today!

David and Sarah said...

I am with you! Sometimes I forget to pray for our sponsored children. Thanks for the reminder.

We sponsor 2 children through Compassion. One lives in India and one lives in the D.R. We used to sponsor another little girl from India. She was an absolute delight!! I still think of her and pray for her. She had named her dolls after our children and wrote personal notes to each one of them.
So very sweet!

We also sponsor a pastor and his wife in China, through Voice of the Martyrs. This is a wonderful organization.

Blessings to you and your "other" children.

Janet and Kevin said...

Thanks for the reminder. When we returned from China with Philip last year, we wanted to sponsor a child he knew.

We happily sponsor Ahna from Philip Hayden who lived in our Philip's foster home. It's good to get the reminder to pray for her and all of the other children left behind.

We love receiving updates about her and hope to meet her when we travel back to pick up Eli (who is not at PHF but one of us plans to visit there). Then again, it would be the best news to hear she is no longer there because she was adopted!

a Tonggu Momma said...

We love co-sponsoring little Tina through the Starfish Cleft Home. She has CL/CP and is quite tiny as well (perhaps a preemie).