Tuesday, August 4, 2009


They are playing "ring around the rosy"! It was Anna's idea... honest!

They all fall down! That's the best part!

We were at the local hardware store getting some wood cut for the girls doll bunk beds! The saw was a bit loud!

Our Johnny is home from soccer camp- thank goodness! Like many of you said I love having our children home! He got an awesome evaluation from his coach at camp!

Little Kate will be moving back for good within a couple days. Big brother Matt and Kate are going to live together. I think it is kind of sweet- however I did tell them don't bring your little disagreements to family dinners! I hope all goes well.

We are working very hard on our adoption paperwork- it takes so darn long- ugh!

Anna is going potty in the big girl potty- we are thrilled!

Our son MArk -who is my helper is ready to go back to college- no, school doesn't start soon - he just wants outta here! He loves the freedom of college but we love him and were all over him- actually the girls are! He is gonna miss us!

It is very interesting the feedback we get on adopting again. Many who know us are very happy for us but some who are close to us are not so happy about it- hmmmm. (All our children are very happy about it.) It is too bad. How can a person not be thrilled for a child that will get a home and for a couple/family who love children. I just don't get it? Sarah says to me "Mom, Emma and Ellie don't have a Mom or Dad, that is so sad. We need to bring them home!" You got it sweetie- we need to bring them home!

Homeschooling is going great! Sarah has had many light bulb moments! I love homeschooling her- it is down right fun! Anna is doing really good with it... so far... she seems to enjoy sitting on my lap and playing near us.

We have been so busy- I have hardly had much computer time- I am so sorry if I have not been by to visit your blog. I miss my bloggy friends! I will try to get there soon!

God bless you!


Lori said...

Oh I just love this post! It's so fun to hear about all your kiddos!

And ummm, yeah...people who don't "get" adoption really bug me. Really, what's not to understand??? Truly, I think the enemy just convinces people that it's somehow....beneath them or for "those big families who live like hillbillies" (that would be me).

Anyway, just stick to your convictions and keep chugging along with that paperwork!! It is sooo worth it, as you know!! God is preparing those sweet girls' hearts right at this moment, so don't think for one minute that things are ever at a standstill!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I didn't know you home schooled! How interesting. I would love to know more.


Janet and Kevin said...

Kevin and I don't understand some of the comments we have gotten with our second adoption either. I do think it freaks some people out that people our age would be doing this again! I like to explain that this is simply the way God is expanding our family.

I wouldn't say no or think it crazy if I found out I was pregnant again. We are expecting again through adoption (paper pregnant), and it is a beautiful way to receive our children.

Bless you as you wade through the mounds of paperwork again. It didn't seem much easier this time even though we knew what we were doing. It is really a lot of work! But oh so worth it!

Excited for you and your new daughters.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

David and Sarah said...

What wonderful big brothers! You can't beat ring around the rosie with a couple of really tall boys!

So sorry that not everyone is excited for the adoption of your girls. I can't wait t see them in your family!


soontobemomof9 said...

Don't you just LOVE big brothers???!!!! I never had a big brother, just a little brother. Always wanted a big brother! My youngest daughter has 3 of them. She doesn't find them all that neat. LOL :)

Great post. I would love to hear more about your adoption! Take care!


Sally- That Girl! said...

No apologies needed for being busy. I think it goes with the territory of big families and paperchasing. We need to step up our paperchase gear one level if we want to be DTC by December.

Can't wait to see the reactions of many when they hear us announce number 9! I am so confident this time that I hope to have some good come backs!


Suzette said...

Sally, I would love to hear some of those comebacks!
It has been amazing how many people can't believe we are "starting over" in this adoption process. They couldn't believe that 10 years ago either and I can't imagine our life without our daughter. I remember weeping because hadn't chosen to give me girls and I was not able to conceive again after our 3rd son. Now, praise God, I am preparing to welcome my second daughter. God is good and I just wish others could experience the blessing of adoption!
Love the pictures and we also LOVE big brothers!