Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time off!

We have more than usual in the house today (for some reason everyone ended up at home last night)- and they are all sleeping!! I just can't bring myself to wake up the younger girls!! Yes- I know it's 8:40- but I am totally enjoying this time!!

We have homeschooled all summer and now we are taking a little break! It feels good to take a break! I wasn't planning too- it just kind of happened with the busy back to school schedule for Johnny, Mark and Billy... And the Hello- I'm home from Katie-she has arrived- finally. Yes she does have plenty of scheduled trips back to her beloved college town in Iowa! So don't worry about her! A JOB? Naw, not yet... (actually she is trying hard but this home town of hers does not seem to need teachers right at the moment).

I am sipping coffee, bloggin in the morning, house is quiet- this feels nice!!

BTW- I got a new crown yesterday! however, I think that darn milk dud may have loosened the crown behind it- argh) Those milk duds are nasty! 

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Karen said...

Glad you had some time to yourself. I hae to admit, there are days I let the kids sleep in...for the quiet:-)

Ouch about the crown. I think milk duds rank up there with laffy taffy in messing with teeth. Hope the other crown stays put.