Saturday, August 8, 2009


We moved bedtimes stories to the basement. That pink bump under the blanket is Anna. She was scared.

Oops, I may have misjudged the storm that just past by our area. Hubby was reading to the girls just before we put them to bed. I heard unusual noises outside, hubby thought it was thunder but as I went down to the main floor I could hear the sirens. The skies were not looking friendly so I turned on the TV. It seems we had a tornado in the area... well, not really the area it was more like the neighborhood. It touched down about 4 blocks from our house jumped over us and touched down again 2 blocks on the other side. It bounced down the road that is right next to our house for a couple miles. The sound we heard was not thunder... it was the train sound of a tornado.

By the time we actually new about it - it had passed our home. I did not take it seriously enough. I sent Hubby and the girls downstairs. I watched it on the news without taking cover- not a smart idea. I did call Johnny at a friend's house and told them to take cover and turn on the TV.

I was wondering why they were making such a big deal about this UNTIL I heard how close it was and the damage it did. It has been making it's way through the Twin Cities for the last hour and creating havoc everywhere. Compared to many it was not bad but it did knock down trees, electrical wires,  and destroyed a few garages. The roads around us are closed because of the live wires in the street.

As far as I know no one has been hurt. Thank the Lord!


Nancy said...

Good to hear you are safe, but that sure was a close one! We made a beeline for the basement the second the sirens went off (our windows have no insulating factor whatsoever! No chance missing the sirens here). That was a fast moving storm.

TanyaLea said...

I know...that storm was crazy! It didn't hit us direct...we just felt the outer edges of it and seen the major 'light show' that was a result of that storm! My sister lives in Mound and called me wondering if I knew why their power was out...they hadn't been watching any news, and just thought it was another 'thunder storm' in the area. VERY SCARY! But also very neat that God had his angels charge over you. I read this to my teenage daughter, and she said, "I know why it went up over their home, because it couldn't plow through God's hedge of protection!" SO COOL! He IS indeed faithful!! Praising God that you all are okay! <><

Blessings and Hugs,

Lori said...

That is crazy! My hubby loves the show "Storm Chasers" and he gets their emails regularly saying "there's a or there" Well, last night an email popped up and said in the subject line, "TORNADO IN MINNEAPOLIS!!" We both immediately thought of you guys! Wow, I'm so thankful it jumped right over you! Seems that a Hand of protection was on you, huh?! Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How scary. It looks like you made good use of your time in the basement! I love the photo of your little one covered under her pink blanket... bless her heart!

Laura L. said...

Wow, sounds like it was much more serious than we thought. I was upstairs giving Jadyn a long bath at the time. We were kind of clueless, until Alan happened to see the TV, we heard the sirens and headed to the basement for a while.
We were clueless during the worst part of the storm. Great. :)

I'm so glad you are all safe.

Joan said...

We had just gotten home when I heard the sirens. I left the girls upstairs because they were wiped out while I watched the news downstairs. It was not in our area so I was confused by the sirens but glad they worked.

I am so glad you guys are ok! I always get scared when I hear the tornado warnings. We usually have a few more storms each summer but this has been a mild year.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh my gracious!! I am so thankful you are all okay. Next time - you MUST take cover. Not one taking cover with the kids and one watching TV...NO! (Or I'll have to come up there and whip you into shape!!)...I narrowly missed death with a tornado 6 years ago. It was one of the scariest things in my life...will share the story someday as a Memorial Box Monday, but really - don't be stupid! (Can I say that here?) If the sirens are warning you - take cover!!

Love you and your family too much and don't want anything to happen to you! xo

Sally- That Girl! said...

Scary!!! So glad you guys are fine and no damage to your home. Pretty funny and typical mama to send everyone else to safety and then you stay out in the storm. Boy kind of a metaphor of life, huh?

Chris said...

Not even sure if we have sirens here. Glad you guys were spared.

Karen said...

Praise God you are safe! I love a good rain storm when we are all safe inside. That being said, the thought of tornado's freaks me out.

Chad and Kristy said...

Glad you were all safe! That is one of the first things Anna Li asked me in China.. "Do you have tornadoes where you live?" Luckily we have never had any close calls so I could tell her we do but I have never seen one.

We are having a boy!! Dylan Thomas Gray:) 5 more weeks to go and he is already 6 lbs!

I had another wonderful Christian lady asked to join our yahoo group (adoptchinakids) that is adopting an 8 year old. I gave her your blog and she loved it and was thrilled. I think I'm gonna have to break the rules again and let her join... rules are made to be broken.. right?!?!

mom2eliza said...

How frightening! I'd be under the blanket w/ Anna too. Glad you're all safe.