Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to school!

My pics are out of order but here is the closet that we cleaned! 

Kate will be taking most of the hangers! We are using it for HS stuff!! (well okay, beach towels, gift wrap and a few photo books, too!)

Here are the yummy bars we made- the photo does not do it justice!

This is our homeschool room!

No matter how much space we have it is never enough!

Anna ;-)   at school!

Sarah reading a book!

I did have a couple students misbehaving!

Yesterday we had our first day of school. It was an interesting and eventful day. I'd like to share it with you and you can let me know if you think it was a good day? or a not so good day?

Whew... here goes...

Usually the girls wake up on their own but this morning was different. About 8:00 I heard Anna crying and went into their room. Sarah was in bed and Anna was trying to get into Sarah's bed. Obviously, someone did not want her there. I walked in and said "Good morning girls, Anna what's wrong?" ( In my cheeriest voice). Sarah took one look at me and went under the covers. She was not happy right away. I gave Anna a hug dried her tears and encouraged everyone to rise and shine... didn't work, I got "the glare" right away. At this point I knew we were off to a rough start... (BTW-Sarah has been doing so so good- I was a little surprised but not really I could sense her anxiety) To make a long story a little bit shorter Sarah had a morning meltdown/tantrum. The  good news is Daddy surprised us with donuts and coffee. So the battle was not fought alone- I had back up!  Actually I was the back up this time and Daddy was the hugger! Honestly, I think she was just nervous for the first day of school- not knowing what to expect. After a 20 minute hug-a-thon they came down for BKF and all was fine!

We started our day with prayer and bible reading- so that was a good start. Right after that I spilled my latte on our new school books. Bummer... Sarah was wondering whose fault is that- mine honey- sorry!

Sarah did great with her subjects and realized it wasn't much different than we were doing 3 weeks ago. Anna cut and pasted and cut and pasted- by the time she was done the scissors were pasted shut and every scrap of paper was pasted to the table ;-)

We baked bars in the afternoon. Honestly, they are the best bars in the world- carmel chocolate bars! Mmmmmmmmm! If you want the recipe I would be happy to share it! Sarah tasted them and thought they were good but not great so as her mother I volunteered to help her finish her bar- it was the least I could do! 

After baking we went outside to play... and we were visited by our city inspector... guess who complained again... this time it was because we have 3 dogs at our house (Kate will be taking her dog, soon- she is just getting settled in her new place)- the problem I had with this is 3 dogs is just fine to have in our city- so why did they visit? She also complained that we had dirt showing- yes... we do, we have not finished our landscaping BUT it is set to be done with in 2 weeks (just grading, irrigation and sod) and it is a fairly small parcel. Then I guess there is debris on the property... it was a little metal pole from our other neighbors yard. Okay I just have to say this BUT I know I will wake up in the middle of the night wishing I wouldn't have said it- we own her whole front yard, it is actually our yard but she has landscaped it and we have just let it go- if someone owned your front yard and let you pretend it was yours wouldn't you try to be nice to them and not regularly complain to the city? We have lived in this city for 26 years and never had even one complaint (and we have never complained about anyone). We have lived in MN all our lives (that's over 50 years each) and neither of our families have ever had a complaint- argh....

The city inspector was as nice as could be and could see the problem was not us. After he left I felt so invaded and harassed- I felt like all I do is love, raise and educate our children and try to serve our Lord. I always smile and wave but I do appreciate a little privacy. I do not like to stand in the neighborhood and gossip. I am a family person and I want my space. No, we cannot move- too bad... not with this economy. Actually right now our money is going to adoptions and college!

The day ended with hubby and I at our son Johnny's soccer game. Johnny made the varsity soccer team as a sophomore and is getting lots of playing time. It is so fun watching him play- I just love that guy so much!! When the game was almost over he took a hard shot to the face. His neck snapped back and he seemed to roam around the field. They got him out of the game and he had no recollection for about 5 minute after getting hit by the soccer ball. They think he had a minor concussion. He was very foggy at home last night but the next day he felt fine and clear headed, no headache thank goodness. He will not be playing soccer for a couple days.

So... that was my day. What a roller coaster of a day! I looked back at my older post and I am trying my hardest to pray for my neighbor! At the same time I feel it is even more important to keep our distance...

How was your day?


David and Sarah said...

We had a good first day of school yesterday, but I can see that our little 4-year-old, who always wants mommy's attention is going to need to be just a little tiny itsy bit more independent! lol

Our daughter, Yana, who is 12 years old and has been with us for 4 years also had a first day of school meltdown. She couldn't decide what to wear and it ended in tears. This hasn't happened in a long time, but I think that stress will still bring this out in her. It's a long road to overcoming all of the lack that our children had in their early lives, but so worth the effort!!

So sorry about all the difficulties with your neighbor. I'm afraid that a neighbor probably SHOULD complain about our yard. We've been so busy with our move, and homeschooling and just having 5 kids that the lawn is sorely neglected.

Praying that you have a GREAT day tomorrow!


Karen said...

Glad the first day of school got better. You're brave letting Anna cut with scissors. Love your school room! Can you post the carmel chocolate bar recipe?

Just a thought about the front yard. I have no legal knowledge at all, but something similar happened to a cousin. They were told if they did not reclaim their property that after so many days (not sure how many) that the neighbor would be able to claim the land as their own. In this case the neighbor had moved their fence into the cousins yard. Not sure if it is the same everywhere, but I know that's what they were told.

Ouch, for Johnny's neck/head. Just the thought gives me chills. I pray he continues to feel better.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Good neighbors are better than fences... I'm so sorry you are having to deal with a neighbor that is... well... Consider this a virtual hug.

Pam said...

Except for the visit from the inspector, I think you had a great day! (And things ended well on that front, anyway.)

Your learning room looks AWESOME! I see a Lakeshore Learning bag in your closet. We have one near us, and oh my, I LOVE that store! Our money goes to college, adoptions, and Lakeshore Learning, too! :)

Sorry about the neighbor. She needs a life!

Post the recipe, PLEASE. Yum!

tinacd said...

Chocolate and caramel - my 2 favorite foods :) gotta have the recipe!
Sounds like your school year is off to a good start. Seems like the first week is always the hardest; having to figure out a new routine that works.

My nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, so fortunately they don't complain about our weed infested land. The only problem we have is their cows across the road serenading us to sleep at night!

Chasity said...

Jean, the bars do look so very yummmmy! I would love the recipe. My email is if you get a chance.

The day doesn't sound so bad, I would say just by the start of reading the day, it changed how the day could have ended up. God bless you for all you do, it is a shame, but we will never please everyone, so let's just focus on our Lord and I think you are already doing the most perfect thing by praying for your neighbor, sounds like she needs a little from all of us. God Bless!

Tina said...

Sounds like a busy day to me! I am sorry you are having neighbor troubles. We also homeschool and some days are waaaay more productive than others!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Jean--maybe it's my computer, but the background of your blog didn't show up--all white. The last thing showing is the pic with the dog, no words. then a big giant empty white space. Just thought you'd want to check on it.