Saturday, September 5, 2009

The case of the missing crocs?

Even with this mystery looming over our heads we still had a great time!

She doesn't seem too worried about her lost crocs!

Loving the last days of summer!
Where on earth did they go?

Here is a recap- Mom says to the girls "get your shoes on and walk out to the car, we are going to play group.

Girls put on crocs and walk out to car. Mom heads out to car and puts Anna in the carseat. Mom does not remember seeing crocs on Anna's feet ( mom has taken Anna places before and forgot her shoes). Sarah remember seeing crocs on Anna's feet but Anna is inconsistent in her recollection (hmmm - very suspicious behavior).

Sarah says she remembers Anna taking off her shoes and playing with them in the car while driving to playgroup. Anna often does this- could this be a current or past memory of Sarah's??

We arrive at playgroup, Anna gets out of the car... no shoes... mom checks the car... they are nowhere to be found. We then have fun at playgroup and assume the crocs in question are at home and we are just remembering wrong.

Leave playgroup, check car again - hmmm nothing. Get home check usual spots - no crocs?

Again the possible perpetrator has a sketchy memory and may be giving us false information. She keep saying in this cute little baby voice "I dunno?"

If anyone sees the missing HOT PINK crocs please notify me so we can close this case!

BTW I have had my best investigator on this case and she has come up empty handed. There is even a reward of a pack of gum - still nothing...


Janet and Kevin said...

What a hoot! That happens around here, too. I love it when the "perpetrator" acts like he/she doesn't know what's going on!

It may always be a mystery about the shoes! Thanks for the laugh.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Chris said...

Crocs are known to wander off on their own. We consistently lose one of a pair...we will now have a new fashion statement non-matching crocs!
Anyone with me?

Lori said...

That's so funny!!

Lucy lost a flip-flop...ONE flip-flop. Not just cheap rubber ones but nice ones. I narrowed it down to possibly dropping it in WM parking lot. I called one had turned it in. I called again, no luck. Rats. I kept thinking that it HAD to be at WM. About a week later, I asked again at the customer service desk...just in case. Sure enough, it surfaced...and they had it! Whew. I ALMOST didn't bother asking, figuring it was pointless.

Keep looking!! Or just go buy new ones!

Diane said...

I know where the crocs are........Guess who?

Karin said...

Hope you find the crocs! :) My kids never lose a whole pair...just one shoe. ugh!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I came over to see your Sarah Grace. :) I noticed her birthday is March 5th--which is also the birthdate of our Jordan (who is 4).

Your family is beautiful!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Yes we have lots of things missing around here! lol..... Last week i couldn't find my favorite brush, looked all over and asked everyone but Annah. As I was heading out the door Annah opened the frige door and said "heres your brush mommy, I didn't want you to lose it." lol...... So check your fridge. lol........

David and Sarah said...

A pack of gum!! My kids would be hot on the case!