Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fingerprints done and the kids new place!

One of the painters!

Here is another one of the painters!

I love the vintage hardware!

Here is our purchase of the day! We loved the table and it came with 4 chairs!

Today we had our fingerprints taken- yippee, hip hip hurray and alleluia! I am so hoping they will be acceptable- as it turns out my fingerprints are wearing off -  better adopt as much as I can now, before they are all gone!! If they are unacceptable there is a procedure we can do that will work out ( no, not on my fingerprints) I will need to go in and swear that I am actually me ;-) I find that a little funny but I'll d whatever they want! The bad thing about that is it will slow us down a little- I didn't think we could go any slower than we are now so even slower than this should be interesting ... Please pray that they accept the fingerprints!

Since Katie and MAtt have moved in to the duplex I have helped them out a little bit. It has been fun at times and not so fun at times.
We painted the kitchen together- that was fun! They went on and painted the bedrooms.
We bought a sofa together - that was fun!
We transported the sofa to their place, it was completely the wrong color so we immediately returned it. That was not fun because it was Kate and I carrying that thing in and out- and I am not strong so I was sweating like a you know what! Matt was at work so he couldn't help us.

Katie then bought another sofa... it is being delivered PTL!! 
Today we went to a cute little store that is only open once a month and got them a great kitchen table for a great price!! That was fun! I wish I would have taken a pic of the store because I know you all would have loved seeing how cute it was! I saw many things that were similar to what my Mom had in her home- It makes me question what is a treasure and what isn't? 

It is wonderful to spend this time with the big kids before they start their jobs and jump into the real world! We are hoping Katie will hear this week from a local school district! She has gotten some pretty positive signs that they may hire her BUT the position needs to be approved!! Praying that it will be approved!!


TanyaLea said...

It's so fun seeing photos of your 'big kids' too! :) Your daughter is beautiful and she has her mother's shining smile!!

Congrats on the fingerprints...
praying they go through w/out any hold-ups! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog today, too. All of you have been such a blessing to me! God is GOOD!! <><


a Tonggu Momma said...

How fun to watch them settle into life together! And guess what? I don't have fingerprints either! I suffered severe burns on my hands when I was young... the burns destroyed my prints for the most part. Makes it hard to become an adoptive parent - perhaps I should have looked into the criminal world instead. Heh.

Hezra said...

Working your fingers to the bone my friend. You gotta stop doing the dishes and scrubbing off those fingerprints!!!

Lori said...

Do all of your children moonlight as super-models? Well, they should. Golly gee they have such great smiles!

Yeah, I had problems with my fingerprints too. They asked me if I use my hands a lot...well, duh!? I'm a stay-at-home mom! And I blog...a lot! Lots of typing and toilet scrubbing (ok, way more typing than scrubbing). Anyway, they ended up doing my prints with ink and they were fine. I'll be praying yours are good!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I sure hope Katie gets the job. That would be God's work at hand if your school districts are in the same shape ours are in right now. There will be no new teachers hired anywhere near us for a long time. I am sure she will be a great teacher!

Love the colors they are painting their place iwth too!

Yeah for fingerprints. We hope to be right behind ya!

Chasity said...

Wonderful news the fingerprints are done. I'm so happy you are one step closer! The table is adorable, and in the background the house looks very pretty! It brings back many memories of the work my husband and I put into our first little house. It is a very special time. God bless your family during this fun and exciting time!