Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fun Evening!!

The beautiful children!

Ila, Cash and Ruby (Taiwan). Ruby was the first one to come home (June of 07)! Then surprise Cash was on his way! He was born in Nov. of 2008!

Waiting for a referral from Korea!! Yippee Jesus! They are the young couple of the group! They had only been married 6 months when we met them!

Drew and Olivia (Korea). They fooled us! We thought they we not going to adopt until one day they HAD A REFERRAL FROM KOREA! It still gives me goosebumps!

Joshua (Ethiopia) with his Mommy and Daddy! We keep telling them, that two is easier than one! Go for it!!

Three years ago from right now 5 families headed into CHSFS for a pre adoption class (PAC). Each of us were thinking about adoption but we all needed to gather more information. Right from the start we all hit it off. After 2 full day of classes we were all drained BUT even more determined! We exchanged information, emailed back and forth and got together couple months later. Since that day in September 2006 we have become good friends and a source of support for each other. It is especially nice because we all live within a 30 mile radius. From what I have heard it is very unusual to have a group like this be such a good fit and stay together. 

It has been such a blessing watching this group grow and to sharing our journeys with each other! Since that day in September we have added a daughter from Taiwan (Ruby), a daughter from China (Anna), a birth son (Cash), a daughter from China (Sarah), a daughter from Korea (Olivia) and a son from Ethiopia (Joshua)! We are now waiting for our daughters from China (Emma and Ellie) and an infant son from Korea (what will the name be?)!

Last night we all got together with the kids! They played great together and when it was time to end the evening the children didn't want to leave! I think we will have to get together again soon! For the children's sake, of course!

Thank you for the FUN evening! You are all such a blessing to us!


David and Sarah said...

What a wonderful group!!

Adeye said...

That sounds like sooooo much fun! The kids are all totally adorable. Love it.

Kellee and Paul said...

Jean and Jim - it was so great to see you guys! Thank you for hosting a wonderful dinner and get together. Your blog is really terrific - we really appreciate being part of it! :) PS. We have not yet picked a name, but have a few in mind. We are waiting until the referral to make

Mom Of Many said...

Oh Jean! What an adorably sweet bunch and how wonderful that you are all near each other. How blessed you are to have such a support system! (We have none!) Maybe that's why we depend on the bloggy world so much??

Miss you and sure wish YOU lived nearby!! xo