Wednesday, September 2, 2009

November Harvest!

Hubby and I are thinking the tomatoes should be read to pick in early November! They won't be red, ripe or juicy until then... one problem- we live in the north and will have a hard freeze sometime in late September. This is the same tomato plant that was attacked by some animal in mid summer. I think the new safe spot on the deck did not have enough sun. Hubby loves home grown tomatoes but I'm afraid it is just not meant to be this summer. It looks like we will have to go to the farmers market real soon!

Can we bring the plant inside and stick it in a window with lots of sun? That way could we get our tomatoes? Does anyone know if that would work?

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Janet said...

I do not know if putting the whole plant inside will work, but you can pick the tomatoes and put them in a sunny window, they will ripen. We ahd do do that to ours after quirell attacks. =) Janet

Lynsay said...

Know what is funny? I haven't raised a single tomoato in my life and I was going to leave a comment to tell you what to do! Ha! I have seen my mom raise thousands though and she used to pick them not ripe and then put them in the garage in a box, they would ripen somehow, don't know how!

Then again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried green tomatoes, so it looks just fine to me!

Thank you guys for everything you do. Lily's adoption was such a miracle, so thankful you were part of it!

Lori said...

I don't know either...but what can it hurt to try? "Farmers" grow hot-house tomatoes all the time! Give it a shot!

Acceptance with Joy said...

Yes, you can if you get a garden lightbulb (can't for the life of me think of what they are called, but I have a few florescent style ones that we use in the winter.) from the hardware store it should be fine. Keep the light very close to the plant. If the tomatoes have the least bit of pink at the very bottom they will ripen in the house. We grow TONS of tomatoes at our house. We have heat and sun - plenty of it!

Acceptance with Joy said...

just read my comment... and need to comment on the the comment ;-)

if you chose to pick the tomatoes to ripen on the windowsill they are more likely to ripen well if they have that tiny bit of color at the bottom. Hope that is clearer.