Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Soccer Player!

Here is Johnny our varsity soccer player. Johnny is a sophomore and excited to be on the varsity team! He is getting lots of playing time which makes it even more fun! He has a chocolate carmel brownie in his hand, in this pic! Probably not the best thing for him to eat but who can resist! I would love to get a pic of him on the field but I am a Mom of two little girls and it just doesn't work out to bring the big camera to the games when I know at least one of them if not two would be following me out onto the field! For now we are just enjoying watching him play soccer and hoping someone is taking pics!!

A few loyal fans! Katie also went to the same high school and she is currently coaching the girls 7th grade team and occasionally helping out with the girls varsity team. The weather has been great so far so watching the soccer games in the evenings has been so enjoyable! Once it gets cold, it's a different story! Keep the warm nights coming Mr. Weatherman!

There is a soccer candy jar that is brought to every game! Sarah and Anna are always eager to come to the games and enjoy some candy (I mean come to the game and support Johnny)!

Before Mark left for college he came and watched a game. He had been with the girls for 3 hours before the game and needed a break so he choose not to sit with us ;-)
If the girls even catch a glimpse of him they are all over him!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Congrats, Johnny! I was on the varsity soccer team as a sophomore, too. Only I don't think it counts, seeing as how there WAS no JV team and they didn't cut anyone because soccer wasn't popular back then, especially for girls AND I was a bench warmer. So... umm... scratch that comment and let's start over. Congrats, Johnny!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay you have the most gorgeous children EVER!!!!

Each and every one of them!!!!

And wouldn't that be awesome if we traveled together again! What would be the odds?

Lori said...

I was thinking exactly what Sally said! You and Jim know how to make some gorgeous children! ALL of them! Even your dossier skills resulted in beautiful girls! Ha!

The soccer games look like such fun! I wish we lived close cause I'd love to come watch!

Jboo said...

So fun to go to soccer games, esp. if you have someone playing! You have such a cute family & you and hubby are cute too! :)


Chasity said...

Jean, what a fabulous idea to bring a Soccer Candy Jar. I always bring my kids their own little lunch box we got from Hershey World in Pennsylvania. They area always very excited to see the surprises we bring them...not only do they get some candy, but also a fun little activity too. The girls looked like the suckers were just FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing, love the idea!