Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray for your husband!

This is sort of a memorial box Monday post and a true story Tuesday- and if I am wrong feel free to straighten me out!

About 6 years ago I was working as a school nurse at a wonderful christian school. We were a new school so we were still relatively small. I was also in charge of attendance and the lost and found.

During that time my/our life as we new it was crumbling. We had mismanaged our money and business was not going as well as expected. Hubby was burnt out and wanted to make a job change to a company that was just forming. Hubby did not share all of this with me because it was all very difficult for him and he kept hoping things would turn around. (hoping- now there is a hint!)

By the time I found out things had gone from bad to worse and we needed to make some huge changes. I was still a bit in shock and harbored many angry feelings. I definitely felt the opposition had done this to us.  I now know I was wrong. We let the opposition in by our poor choices and this is how the dear Lord was saving us.

At this point I relied on our Lord for everything and with every minute of every day. I am pretty sure the poem "Footprints" describes what God was doing for me during that time. 

While working as the nurse, the guru of attendance and the keeper of the lost and found- a book was brought to my desk. It was brand new and was found in the parking lot. I immediately sent out an e-mail and set the book on my desk for everyone to see. I was sure that the rightful owner would be looking for it and would soon claim it!

After about 2 weeks of just sitting there I couldn't take it any longer. The book was crying out for me to read it. I felt sheepish about taking something from the lost and found. What if the rightful owner saw me reading it? What if they came to claim it and it was in my briefcase? How embarrassing that would be!

I had the book in my hand and as I studied it I thought whoever owned this book would be happy to share it. If they saw me reading it, we would be kindred souls. They would delight in the fact that their book was helping another family. So I announced to my co-workers that I was taking it and planned to read it. Nobody called me a thief and they all seemed fine with it, so that is what  did! And I am so glad, I did! Honestly I think the dear Lord meant for me to have it. I think it was divine intervention. I think he did everything BUT hit me upside the head- trying to tell me to take it and read it!!

The book is " The Power of a Praying Wife". It was the best book I could have EVER read at that point in our lives but actually I feel it is a great book to read at any point in your life. It totally brought to me a different perspective.. The perspective of appreciation and respect for my husband for all he does and who he is. He is kind and loving and he was feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. It made me realize that this is both of our responsibility and that we needed to humble ourselves to the Lord and trust him to guide us out of the mess we had created. I am embarrassed to say for the first time in my life I actually prayed for my husband and all that he has to deal with as the head of the household. 

How foolish of me all those years not to realize how much he needed prayer, how much he needed to rely on God. How much he needed me to respect him and uplift him. Sadly, I believe I began to think he was in control and not God. That is too much weight for anyone to bare. 

What a difference their was once I started praying for my husband. I prayed for his work day, for all that he had to do with a semi large family (at that time- 5 children), the expectation he had for himself and those that others had on him. I prayed for him (and us) to totally submit to God. To give God back the control and to trust him with this journey. The book actually prays daily with you so it made it so simple and so necessary! 

I did not tell him I was praying for him but he may have seen the book with me. And wow, what a change! His burden was lightened by our Lord and he new we were in this mess together! All of the sudden it was not a mess, it was just a different perspective with new ways to problem solve and a whole lotta relying on God! 

Ladies- I encourage you to read this book. Especially if you are feeling the tug to do so. Many of you are already beyond where we were but if not, consider this God whacking you upside the head to read it!

If all of this hadn't happened to us we would not be where we are now. With two lovely daughters from China. Excited to take another adoption journey to China! A husband that feels valued and enjoys his job. We never would have taken chances and trusted God with everything. I am so grateful to our Lord for loving us so much and literally saving us!

I pray for my hubby everyday! I pray for protection from the opposition, that the Lord will guide him throughout the day, and that all business decisions are made with accordance to God's will. With this new company that I was so afraid of - guess who they have made the chairman of the board? It's God! They have a board of directors and the chairman is God!

Hubby still says to me the best way to be have humility is to be humiliated!

Thank you Jesus!


David and Sarah said...

Thanks so much for this post. I can forget to pray for the people closest to me, at times. I guess I need a book to hit me sometimes! Thanks for being the book, hitting me on the head!


Dardi said...

Thank you for a great testimony! I have read this book, but I think I will go find it & read it again. I have been so focused on "Power of a Praying Parent" as we've made our way through these last couple years of uncertainty with a little one through foster care (which she will be adopted soon...Yay, God!)in addition to all our other kiddos, that I do sometimes forget how powerful it is to pray for my husband. I appreciate the reminder!!

Janet said...

Great post Jean. Thanks for being humble enough to post it. I'm going to the library tomorrow==gonna see if they have the book!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh my we think to much alike!!! I am processing a post in my head right now about that same book. I have it, The Power of a Praying Parent, and two of Elizabeth George's books; Remarkable Women of the Bible and A Wife After God's Own Heart. Each of these books have changed my life! It is so true, that we need to pray for our husbands and by doing so the power of God changes not only their hearts but sometimes more importantly our hearts!!!! Often times it is our hearts that need the adjustments and not theirs.

I think I am off to read! FYI I also have a post brewing about Remarkable Women of the Bible, so since you got to post on this one, I get that one, deal?

No wonder I love you so much! I am still praying that we meet up again in GZ in May! Now that would be remarkable!!!

Tracy said...

I loved this post. I love the way you are always so real about everything. That is how we learn from each other, is when someone like yourself can open up their heart and not be afraid, and not hold back. Thank you for your honesty. I dont comment very often, but I always look forward to reading your post.
I too have read this book, and it changed the way I viewed my husband and what my responsibility as a wife is. I need to reread it again, because sometimes I forget.

Holly said...

Thank you! What a great reminder! I will definitely be reading that book. What an awesome testimony to the power of prayer and what God can do. :)

Our China Starfish said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. I feel such a calling sometimes to help children by adding more to our family; but feel torn about asking for more and adding to the burden my husband carries in being the sole financial provider for us. It sounds like this book would be great way to point me toward turning this problem over to Him by praying for my husband, the one I probably pray for the least in the midst of our busy life. God bless.

Mom Of Many said...

Jean! What a wonderful story (and yes, it sounds like a Memorial Box Monday post to me!)....

I love how God spoke to you...right where you were and how you were able to clearly see the answers to your prayers - yippee Jesus!!

So thankful for you and your family and that we got to meet up!

Much love from Moline, Illinois (at the moment)...xo

Janet and Kevin said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for our husbands. I do pray for Kevin, but I need to do so more, and pray regularly throughout the day.

Great post. I think I too may head out and find that book.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

The Heald Family said...

Dear Jean,
You do an amazing job keeping up your blog! Thanks for reminding me to pray for me hubby - I know the Lord would love for me to humble myself before Him in prayer for D. I loved seeing the pic of your 2 girls in China - how exciting to see how the Lord has given you all such wonderful girls from across the world:)
I am trying to keep my head above water with 6 right now, actually with Frances at school it is 5 now. We just had her come back and bring 8 friends to stay at our cabin for fall break. It was a blast meeting them and cooking for them 2 nights! love to you all....Cathy

Adeye said...

I read that book several years ago. Absolutely LOVED it. Have since read many of her other books too. Such a huge blessing in my life.

Fabulous post, friend.

Yes, Shonni and I live pretty close to each other--about 45 minutes apart. Come and visit anytime :)

Nicole A. said...

Thanks for the tip ... I will check it out! I have read and enjoyed "Power of a Positive Mom" very much: it reminds you to see the good in your kids, even when it can be a little challenging. ;) Children are blessings, and I always try to remember that! Good husbands are, too!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH