Thursday, September 3, 2009

You're Next!

It has been busy in our house this summer with big kids coming and going. Soon everyone will be in their rightful spot and I will be left with this (see above)!

Yes, I am ready! I am craving organization and can hardly wait to dive in head first to this closet and a few other spaces!! I am to the point where I just open the door quickly, throw in the item and shut it even faster than I opened it!

Our HS room is looking a little cluttered too and I want to be ready for the new school year which officially begins (for us) on Tuesday. I am planning to use that closet for extra HS stuff. For our preschooler- Anna, I am planning to put a few things away in the closet and then bring them out occasionally so they are special to her. There are also things that we will only use during HS time, then they can be out away until the next day! We HS through the summer and have taken a 3 week break- Sarah finished her saxon 1 math and HOP K so we are ready to jump to saxon 2 and HOP 1- along with many other things that are planned!

I have many things from my Mom in a storage area- who passed away 16 months ago- I am finally feeling ready to get rid of many of the items. Not one of them brings me comfort- my comfort comes from our dear Lord and the wonderful memories I have. It feels good not to be bound by things. I am hoping to donate some of them to a friend who is having a garage sale for her next adoption. Sue and Dave are adopting a 12 yr old girl who is hearing impaired. This will be their 4th official adoption and their 5th daughter from China( they have an exchange student who is just like their own). I am so excited for them! Please visit their blog and see their beautiful family! If you are able to donate towards their adoption that would be so cool!! Both Dave and Sue made a deal to adopt again in 5 years but God had other plans and they fell in love with a beautiful 12 yr old girl from China!! I love how our God works!! Because this is sooner than planned they need financial help. Please give if you can- every little bit counts!

The cleaning frenzy begins Saturday!


David and Sarah said...

Oh, I definitely have some closets like that after moving! I've been constantly organizing.

We officially start school on Tuesday, as well!

Blessings to you,

Sue said...

Thank you for mentioning us. I hear about organization. I wanting to (and hoping to do some tomorrow) go thru our stuff and sell it at the garage sale and declutter it. It is amazing on how God works, especially the unexpected surprises.

Mom Of Many said...

I just had a fabulous idea! I love organizing too, so why don't I come to your house and we can do yours together and then you can come to mine (when we move in) and you and I can do mine together. wouldn't that be sooo fun??

We start school Tuesday too. *sigh* This homeschooling mama is wondering when Thanksgiving break is? Ooops, did I say that?

Miss you!! xo