Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutting Corners (and not pumpkins) and a Little Prayer Request!

I'm feeling a little guilty- it's Halloween and we did not carve pumpkins. I am guessing next year we will- our crew will be a little older. It usually turns out with me carving more pumpkins than I care too, plus the pumpkins we chose are very large. Lot's of goo to clean out- so we went with the pottery barn decorations and lighted pumpkins in the window. I am not quite sure why  am sharing this with you- be if you'd like to leave a little comment to ease my conscience- I'll take it!

I'm kind of into just doing the best I can and not doing everything(especially with sick kids).  It is impossible to do it all. Hubby and I have a general policy of being nice to ourselves and being nice to each other. We figure their is always someone out there that may try to ruin our day but it sure won't be us! 

Sarah is feeling better but still has a nasty cough. Anna on the other hand has good and bad moments. She hasn't been sick much and right now she just wants to hug her blankie, watch a little TV or be held. Last night she was up at 2:50. Hubby was with her nonstop throughout the night and I got the early morning hours- the good end of the deal if I may say so myself! It was kind of a long night...

The girls find most of the Halloween decorations that they have seen a little too scary. We have a very tame house. Nothing frightening! Katie took the girls to a Halloween store and Sarah asked "Why do they do that to people?" She was referring to a few of the random body parts laying around at the store. Katie quickly explained that it was not real just decorations! 

Sarah and Anna are very excited to go trick or treating! (WE will see how Anna feels?) I will post the highlights on the girls blog! 

I do have a little prayer request- We were notified by our voicemail provider that they are changing their system and some of our saved messages may not make it over to the new system. I have two saved messages from my Mom (she passed away 18 months ago). I cherish these messages and her precious voice. She asks me how I am, happy birthday, she misses me and Anna and wants to see us, and she loves us. Please pray that these messages make it to the new system and we can continue to occasionally listen to them. The change is happening tomorrow- Nov. 1st. Even if you feel your prayer is to late - please still pray- I believe in miracles! THANK YOU!!


Nancy said...

Jean, are you able to play the messages right now (before the cutover?). If so, can you record them either with a video camera (no picture, but sound) or with a cellphone that records? Or maybe a tape recorder? It would be very sad if you lost the messages, thinking of you.

David and Sarah said...

Oh, I do pray that you would not lose these precious messages. Is there a way that you could record them from your phone?


Michele said...

Hi! For what it's worth, we didn't carve pumpkins either. It was just soooo involved! LOL!

I had a sweet message from my grandmother on my voice mail that I wanted to save. I played it on speaker phone and recorded it on my computer. Then I save it to the hard drive and then cd.

Suzette said...

Praying you don't lose the messages that are dear to your heart!

Carving pumpkins is not my idea of fun either so while dad helped carve the pumpkin I ran the errands this evening. An hour later they were still carving, but having lots of fun.

Sally- That Girl! said...

If it makes you feel better, we did not carve pumpkins either! There's always tomorrow, right?

And tomorrow I hope you still have your message from your mom.

Adeye said...

Oh goodness, that makes my heart so sad about your phone messages. YES--I will pray. I lost my mom almost three years ago. She was way too young. I know how you feel. I hang onto every memory I can find. They are priceless.

Praying now, my friend!

Lori said...

No pumpkin carving here either! Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I will pray that your sweet Mom's messages are preserved forever! I can totally understand how comforting hearing her voice must be to you. :)

Jboo said...

We didn't carve pumpkins either -- I'm blaming it on the pumpkin shortage and I hate pumpkin guts, ick!

Praying that the messages are saved for you!

Hope everyone feels better soon.


mom2eliza said...

Oh Jean, I'm in tears reading about the saved message from your mom. My dad passed away 18 months ago too and how I long to "hear" his voice and his laugh. I'm glad to read in your most recent post that your son was able to save it.

As for the pumpkin carving, we didn't carve pumpkins this year either and I felt the guilt too. At least you decorated them! Our naked pumpkins are still sitting on the front porch steps adorned by potted mums that are looking pretty poor. I had all the same reasons that you did for not carving this year. The older kids were outgrowing it or never around at the right time; and the younger kids are too young and I'd be stuck doing all the work ...etc...etc...etc!

Our China Starfish said...

We didn't carve pumpkins either...funny thing is, no one even asked about it! Guess it's not such a monumental occasion as we make it!

Pam said...

Jean, I think you didn't get the message~ pumpkin carving is a daddy/ child activity. Oh yes, it is. Always has been in our house and always will be! :)

Oh, and yes, naughty, naughty you! But I will say this~ we are open to any child God calls us to, be it another little boy or girl! And we've still got "unused names" already chosen for both genders!


Wendy's Mom said...

Jean, Do not worry about the pumpkin carving thing. I would be that the girls in the long run would rather have them looking oh so cute as they did this year than to see the nastiness of carving a pumpkin. Honestly they did not miss out on any of the fun. LOL!! I think the ones you did are so cute!

The girls looked so cute in their Halloween suits. All 3 of them. LOL!! Tell Katie that I hope that is are close to the Swine flu as she are anyone else gets to it. LOL!!

As far as your Mom's voice mail. I lost my Mom 10yrs ago and my Dad 1yr ago and oh how I would love to have just one recording of both of them. I am so happy your Son came through and was able to save it for you. You will always cherish it and him for it. LOL!!