Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feeling Thankful and Grateful on Thursday!

I would love to go to our son Johnny's soccer game BUT it is 52 degrees with a 20 mph wind and rain pelting down. I am so thankful for the nice weather we have had in September! We have been able to enjoy so many of the games outside with the girls! 

News Flash! I just got a text from Johnny! The game has been cancelled- that works for me!! Thank you God! Actually Johnny was home sick yesterday so I truly am thankful he doesn't have to play in the bad weather!

I am so thankful for a precious daughter that has just turned 24 yrs old! She is WONDERFUL! I am so grateful to God for blessing us with this lovely daughter! She is an incredible big sister and such a joy to all of us! I just can't thank our Heavenly Father enough for bringing her into our lives!

Sarah is doing so well with HS! It s a joy to be able to teach her and watch her progress! I am so grateful for this opportunity and we truly feel it is what is best for her! She loves HS and she did not like school in China, plus she was not doing well in her school in China. Don't get me wrong I love schools! Our older bio kids went to many different schools depending on what was a good fit for them! Both the girls seem so happy! We all look forward to our mornings homeschooling! Thank you Jesus!

I am so thankful for the bloggy friends out there! I love it when you comment! It keeps me going! Don't forget to leave comments on The Princess Diaries- the blog for our daughters from China! Lately the comments have been far and few between- I'll take anything I can get-as long as it's positive!

I am thankful for all of the input from you bloggy friends regarding the tooth fairy and Santa! After reading all your comments we had made up our minds to tell the truth but still have fun with it. Then, she lost another tooth and I just couldn't do it... not yet anyway, not at that moment. I felt like she deserved to be a kid and I didn't want to ruin the fun. I think we will share it with her in time. I really didn't think about it again until she lost another tooth- now I realize we should have had a conversation about it BEFORE she lost another tooth. In other words discuss Christmas BEFORE it is time for Santa to arrive!!!

I do have to confess... oh my... that she put the tooth under the pillow and guess what... oh yeah, we forgot! So in self preservation I felt that it was only appropriate to put the blame on the tooth fairy who was probably busy in California ( right Sally- California! I think a lot of kids are losing their teeth in California). Hey, we got a geography lesson out if it and Mommy saved face!

Early this week I made a decision to try to say yes more often and fewer no's. I felt like I was being too negative and not allowing the children to be children. So now you will hear many more "yeses" and positive statements in our home! I want to notice the good behaviors- instead of making corrections to the not so good behaviors! It has been a wonderful improvement in our home! The kids have responded... positively!! ;-)

As I was following along on the blogs of those that traveled to China I learned of a new game. Yes, I am out of touch! We have never owned this game. So went ahead and ordered it on Am*zon. The name of the game is Jenga! It arrived today and we set it up in he kitchen! It was a hoot! Anna wanted so bad to play but being that we all have a competitive nature and feared the falling of the blocks, we let her play after us! Thank you Jesus for family games that are fun for all! 


Adeye said...

I'd be rich if we got paid for every time we forgot the tooth under the pillow :)
I love that you're trying to be positive. That is such a great reminder to me too. Thanks!

Have a wonderful night.

Lori said...

Great pictures! We need to get Jenga for Shu Li! I'm sure she would love it!

I'm so glad to be back in my blog-reading mode...though my time is so much more limited now! Oh well...I'll get them all in somehow.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

How wonderful to "meet" you!! Thank you so much for the comment today! Love your blog and you have a darling family!

Have a blessed Friday,

Jboo said...

Think my sons had Jenga -- wonder if we still have it stashed somewhere -- looks like fun! Love this post and am trying to be more positive and say yes more too! Thanks for the reminder! Your daughters are so sweet and beautiful! Your sons are cuties too! :) Have a fun weekend!


soontobemomof9 said...

Great post! You have a wonderful family. I need to be better about "visiting" here! :)

From the Erben Gang..... said...

I will check the princess blog. haven't been there yet!
I LOVE your insight! I will keep reading!
I even passed on your link to my friend Laura Busse, who you had dinner with when you visited us in Boulder!
All our love,
the erbens!

Holly said...

Yeah...the tooth fairy would always a leave an apologetic note the next night when she forgot to come over I thought we were the only horrible tooth fairies! : )

David and Sarah said...

There must be something bizarre about the tooth fairy. I think that we've forgotten more times than we remembered. Such sad faces in the morning! Definitely a heart-breaker!

Happy Birthday to your oldest princess!


Sue said...

Hi Jean,
I tried to post a message, but it didn't go thru. oh Well. I had said you always give me inspiration reading your blogs and I am so grateful of having you as a friend. See you soon

Sarah Dawn said...

What a beautiful family!

Delighted to meet you and splash around. Such a wonderful place you have here to be refreshed in God's goodness.

Splashing for His glory,
Sarah Dawn

Chasity said...

Oh Jean, you could have told her the Tooth Fairy was busy at our house, Trayj lost 2 teeth this week. I love your beautiful posts, it is such a joy to read about your family. We need to buy a new Jenga game, thank you for reminding us, we love playing it. This week was fun, we taught Trayj to play Yhatzee.

Mom Of Many said...

We have always told our kids the truth about Santa, the tooth fairy, etc. But we still have fun with it. And we have the kids put the tooth under the pillow and they get a dollar. UNLESS Daddy forgets and the next night he must leave 2. If he forgets another it goes to 3. Finally it maxes out at 5. The kids pray sometimes that he will forget. And at our's not looking too good for low payups with a 2 and 3 year old on the scene, ya' know what i mean?? xo

Mom Of Many said...

PS I just love seeing Katie's sweet face. She was such a blessing to us during our Iowa trial. Your daughter is a treasure - but no surprise when you are her mom!! Love you sweet friend!!

Wendy's Mom said...

Jean, I cannot imagine you not being a positive person in your home or to your kids. You know it is just part of parenting to have to tell a child NO at times. They have to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Yes they have to be kids but yet they need to learn to be good kids. You have obviously done wonders with your bigger kids so do not change to much. LOL!!

I think you deciding to let Sara be a kid is a good thing. I honestly would let her enjoy christmas this year but do not make a huge deal out of Santa. If she ask questions then tell her the truth. I just hope it does not ruin it for little Anna. She still has several years to believe in Santa.
The tooth fairy is just so busy all the time. Give her an extra dollar and Sara will forgive HER. LOL!!

Thanks again for sharing with us.

OH YEAH! Can you say how things are going with the adoption of your new daughters in China?


God's Grace said...

Your blog is so fun Jean! We just brought our 2nd adopted son home from Haiti and found out he has sickle cell...the hard way! I rarely have time to just sit and enjoy reading blogs. But I'm glad I did tonight :-) We play the "Santa game" with our 4 year old. Honestly, he was never really fond of the whole idea of a big red suited guy sneeking into the house, even if he is leaving toys. So making it our "game" was never a problem. God Bless,Terry