Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good News - he saved it!

I just wanted to share with you our good news! Our oldest son Matt the computer whiz was able to record the messages on his sister's computer (they live together). He will either burn a CD and give it to me or somehow send it to me. I am really not to great with computers- just thankful I can blog! 

This was so kind of him to do! I called him in the early eve with this request ( I had actually given up hope but thought I'll give it one last try) - he had to figure out how to do it, get himself a Halloween costume and then get it done and arrive at the party! Yeah Matt!! Thank you so very much!!  The poor guy had locked himself out of the his place so sister Kate had to run home to let him in so he could get it done!

Both Katie and Matt were really able to enjoy their Grandparents- I think this meant as much to him (them) as it did me! I am very grateful it all worked out! He said it was hard to listen too, but worth it!

Have I told you how much I love my children! Thank you Honey! Even if it didn't work out your effort meant the world to me! But it did work- Yippee!!

Thank you for your prayers! I will sleep well tonight! ( But only IF Anna sleeps well!)


Angie said...

I just found your blog through Our Treasures From Afar. What a beautiful family. We are also passionate about special needs adoption! What a blessing that you have a chance to adopt siblings from China. That's just unheard of!!

Lori said...

WOO HOO! I'm so happy for you!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy your precious voice message was saved. Hope your family is feeling better soon.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon to be home Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Our China Starfish said...

Thankful that your messages can be saved!! Praying you will have a house free of any illness (and full of good sleep!) very soon. God bless, Jennifer

David and Sarah said...

This is wonderful!!

Pam said...

Great news!!!! Don't you just LOVE big boys? I don't know what I'd do without mine!

Wendy's Mom said...
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Wendy's Mom said...

I tried to find an email address for you but was unable to do so.
Since you have two girls from China and in the process of getting 2 more, I found an article about adoptions from China that I thought you might like to read.
You may have already seen it, but just in case I thought you might like too.

Here is the web addy.,0,3969070,full.story

It is sad that things like this go on in other countries, and makes one proud to be an American. Also I am so thankful that there are people that are able to help these kids out especially if they happen to be taken this way. How sad!
No matter if they were taken like this from their family or if they were actually left by their parents they deserve loving families. I only hope that if a child was taken from a family and they found out that child is already in America that they know that child has a very good chance of having a wonderful loving family.


Chasity said...

Oh, praise God. That is wonderful. I'm so happy Matt was able to save the messages for you. My parents are both still living, I need to consider saving some voice mails when they call, so I can always hear their beautiful voices. What a blessing you have your dear mom's voice recorded.

learningtogether said...


I am a fairly new reader, but a fellow bio and adoptive Mom. We will be flying out to meet our newest daughter next week. I have a special message on my voice mail too adn I'd love for it to be saved before the house sitter comes and needs to use our voice mail. Could you please have your ds e-mail me on how he did it? It would mean so much. I think you can contact me on my adoption blog: www dot youbelong dot net / openarmsforgrace (remove spaces adn replace the "dot" with a real one).

Thank you and praying your little people are healthy and well soon!!


Jboo said...

Oh Jean -- I am so happy to hear that news! What a blessing your children are to you and your family! Take care.