Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh So Thankful!

Our son Mark came home for a long weekend! It is so good to see him!! The girls are thrilled!! They often talk about how much they love Mark! He was as excited as they were- it is so sweet!

I am so very thankful that Mark's fingerprints were done successfully! They were so nice at the govt. place and reassured Jim and Mark that they would do them no matter what even if they had to hand write the appt card themselves! Whew! 

I am so thankful we have a more relaxed weekend coming up! The last few weekends have been jam packed.

I am so thankful for this wonderful place I have discovered for lunch. They have incredible homemade soups and salads BUT the best part is the Popover!! My grandmother used to make popovers and we all loved them. No one in the family has gotten the hang of making them since then so for me to have a popover is just like bringing back sweet memories! Mark, Katie, the girls and I will go there today! (I'm a little low on groceries so this is a good thing!)

I am so thankful for each little step closer we get to bringing our girls home!

I love the good weather but there is something so cozy about the bad weather! It makes us want to curl up in the house and read, play a game or blog!

I am so grateful that little Luke is back home at the Morning Star Home! Truly down on my knees grateful for that! Thank you Jesus!

I JUST got a call and Katie got a full time teaching job!!!! Thank you Jesus!! I am so excited for her!! YIPPEE, YIPPEE, YIPPEE !!!

AND last but not least - we went to Johnny's soccer game last night. It was such an exciting game! It was tied at 3-3 and then went into sudden death overtime. No one scored so it ended in a shoot out- we lost. One of Johnny's best friends was on the other team. It was such a fun game and well played! His season is over now. He has had a wonderful experience and the older kids on the team have been great! Thank you Jesus!


TanyaLea said...

wow Jean!...those are ALL wonderful things to be thankful for. You have such a beautiful family... physically beautiful, but their hearts shine, too!! So glad you are able to enjoy the weekend with your son and that the fingerprints went well. I'm thinking we went to the same place in St.Paul, and they were SO nice to us, as well. And I'm always up for a new place to have'll have to share this new find of yours!! ;)

Take care and have a blessed weekend with your family!! <><

love and hugs,

Adeye said...

So MUCH to be thankful for ,dear friend. I LOVE that pic of the little girls with their treasured big brother.

Okay--help me me out here--what in the world is a popover???

Laura L. said...

Have a wonderful weekend with Mark and your family.
Congratulations to Katie! That's great news.
Hope to see you soon. :)

Joan said...

Ok, I live in St Paul and would love to know the name where you ate at. ;-)

Shonni said...

Oh, now I miss my oldest, Jace.
I am so glad about the finger prints...Yea God.

Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet things to be thankful for! I am thankful for your news about the fingerprints, too! One step closer.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Jboo said...

So glad the fingerprints worked out and Katie got a job! Woohoo - Congrats!

Have a nice relaxing weekend!


Nancy said...

Jean, can you share the soup and popover place? Doug loves popovers and makes them at home, but it would be nice to go out for them. Did you ever go to the Criterion on the Bloomington strip? They had yummy popovers (and crab legs!). Thanks for your thankful posts - it's helping me to learn to count my blessings too.

Sally- That Girl! said...

SOunds like a great thankful list, all is well for your adorable family.

Tell Katie this teacher is so excited for her!!!

David and Sarah said...

Such a sweet picture of the girls and their gege!