Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snowsuits and potty training?

What do snow suits, potty training, port a potties and bladder infections have in common? I will tell you... absolutely NOTHING! Together they are a disaster waiting to happen!

Hubby was out of town so the girls and I went to Johnny's soccer game. It has been very cold here so we bundled up in our warmest clothes! We watched the first half of the game without an incident BUT I new that was not going to last long. As a Mom of a 3 yr old I could feel trouble was right around the corner ACTUALLY she was sitting on my lap!

The game was a blowout so I decided to leave at half time. The other families were surprised to see us pack up and leave (they don't have young children). I wanted to stay but something inside of me said "Flee, while you can". Anna can hardly walk in her snow suit and it is much easier to carry a semi happy child than a unhappy child. So we took off!

Thank goodness we did- half way home this started! Poor dear- there was nothing I could do other than get us home asap... oh and take a picture of her for my blog!
This one was a happy camper! We did make it home to go potty in our very own potty chair- whew!


Adeye said...

Oh my gosh--snowsuits and potty training are NOT a good combination, friend :)

Bbrrrr---cold here too. Why can't it just be summer all year round???

Karin said...

Whew...glad you made it home. No fun cleaning a sopping wet snowsuit and carseat.

Not looking forward to stuffing my kiddos into their carseats with their big honkin' snowsuits on. Is it summer yet?

Sally- That Girl! said...

Never had to deal with snowsuits and potty training in sunny California, but I imagine they are even harder than those footed pajamas!

Does Sarah like have a booster seat in the car?

mom2eliza said...

Jean, Sorry for the bitter cold you're having, but gosh, do the girls look cute in their warm jackets. I guess Johnny is feeling better? Glad to hear that. We're all fighting off colds and flu-like symptoms here in the house and in the classrooms. Awful. Ava is the only one feeling 100% still.

I wasn't sure if you meant that Anna had a potty accident on your lap? I chuckled along imagining you trying to get her out of those layers in time to make it to the potty though. Oh and I loved Sarah's hairdo for you on the following post. She's got quite a talent there and you look fabulous!

Ava is doing terrific. It seems surprising that things have clicked so quickly. I am "getting her" now and it feels good to read her and understand her. On the rare moments that she pouts, I can pull her out of it too, which makes me feel like her mom and I love that! Well, stay warm! - Sarah

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, poor dear! Those suits are hard enough to get on and off already! Hope you all are feeling better. Philip is slowing getting better, still feverish, but not as much. His sparkling personality is back though! Good to see!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

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