Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt and Dad!!

Happy Birthday Matt and Daddy!

The two of them fixed the steaks. Matt's were voted the best! He seasoned them and seared them in a cast iron pan. Dad did his usual on the grill. They both were great!

Matt and Caitlin played picnic with Anna!

The crew! Katie and Caitlin had a new hairdo compliments of Sarah!

Anna wished Matt a happy Birthday in the morning over the phone! When she wanted to show him something she would just hold the phone up to it and say "see Matt"! It is just so cute when she does that!

Sarah's Salon!

This boy is not cooperative when it comes to photos! We went to his soccer banquet last week. As a sophomore (Junior next year) Johnny was voted as one of the captains. He also got all conference honorable mention! he loves soccer and was thrilled with the awards!

Our wonderful oldest child was born on his Daddy birthday! It was completely a surprise! He was 9 days early- which was much appreciated by his mother(me)! At that moment I knew I had given my husband the best birthday gift ever! Our oldest son Matt has a heart of gold. He is as smart as can be and loves having in depth conversations with his father. His passion is skiing- he's the only one around here that wants the snow to come, asap! Matt is very environmental conscious- he spent 3 months living on a self sustaining farm in Oregon. It was not all it was cracked up to be but it was a good life lesson for him. He enjoys cooking and it quite good at it! He is looking forward to growing vegetables in his garden this summer. 

Matt graduated from Madison 2 yrs ago and is working full time. As a child he had a heart for the Lord- we are praying this will be rekindled in him as a young adult. He is a wonderful big brother to all of his younger siblings and they all adore him- especially the girls! He rools with the punches when we tell him what our latest plans are! Matt is our family computer whiz- we are always calling him asking how to do something- he can always figure it out! Happy Birthday Matt! We love you!

Hubby Jim is the most wonderful man in the world! He is my best friend and the love of my life! Thank you Jesus for our life together!

We had a wonderful weekend that ended with a family dinner on Sunday evening. Everyone was there except Mark- he is still in Denver but will be coming home in a few days- PTL!!

I was contacted by one of the other Mom's from our daughters orphanage! She sent us the most beautiful pictures of our girls! They were pictures that we had never seen before! After I saw them I was completely speechless and overjoyed! It is such a good feeling to see pictures of the girls- I just want to go over to China right now and get them!!

We turned in all of our dossier paperwork on Friday only to find out we were still missing one paper. We finished it this weekend, had it notarized and it will be at our agency on Monday morning!! Yippee!



Jill said...

Happy Birthday to two of your men, Matt and Jim!
Have a blessed week with the family!

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy birthday to those two wonderful men in your life. What a sweet gift you gave your husband on his birthday! Our Ted was born on Valentine's Day. I have never been able to top that gift to Kevin!

God bless your adoption journey as it progresses. Soon all of our children will be home.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

almost done with the paper stuff so you can get over there sooner - right? YEAH!!! Happy birthday Matt & hubby. What a fun day to share together.

Karin said...

How cool that your hubby and son have birthdays on the same day! So glad you got your paperwork fixed in your dossier and are good to go! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wonderful news all around - two birthdays, a holiday and photos of your girls you've never seen. Much to be thankful for this week, yes?

Mary Kate said...

A beautiful post about your guys...glad you have your dossier all done!!!!