Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Ida!

St*rbucks for the parents and coloring for the kids- overlooking the ocean- works for me!

Doing a little dancing before dinner!

On Saturday we went on a plane ride to Florida. The plane was too heavy so we needed more gas to get here! I am pretty sure it was because of my suitcases! I am the worst packer in the world. I see know reason to trouble myself with decisions- I just put it all in! I'm blaming the extra weight on those wild olive tees of mine! Ya know, they are awfully heavy ;-) Oh my when we went to China I thought our guide was going to fall over when she saw our suitcases. I really don't know how some people do it. Even when people say they pack light I see them in different outfits, different shoes, different earings- I don't believe those light packer- they have to have an extra suitcase stashed somewhere!

The girls did great on the plane and they are doing great here! They will be 4 and 10 by the time we travel to China (they are just growing up to fast)! Sarah and Anna would be a wonderful diversion to Emma and Ellie who will be heartbroken to leave their foster family. Thank you for your comments on "who should travel"! I am thinking about going coach and bringing the crew! We will see what our situation is when the dear Lord has us traveling to China!

I have not had internet connection for the last 3 days. I did okay at first just enjoying the family and a change of scenery BUT then I wanted to get back on and see how everybody was doing, maybe blog a little and get a few other things done. That's when I realized- NO INTERNET- when ya want it and ya can't have it- it can drive ya crazy! So today we worked on getting it all figured out- and here I am so ya'll know how it turned out! (I'm not even from the south, I'm a northerner but I still do like an occasional ya'll)!

Hurricane Ida is making it's way to Florida. It will not be hitting land near us but we will feel some of it. The wind has really picked up and the next few days should be rainy. We took a walk along the point, the wind carry the stroller down the path- we didn't even have to push it! We are hoping to get some nicer days in during the end of our time here! Thank you Jesus!

I can hardly wait to check out all your blogs! I've missed you!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the pics. Hope you don't get blown away by Ida. Can't wait until you finally get to pick up your girls!!! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Have a great time in Florida! Looks like fun to be by the beach.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting to travel soon to Eli!!!

David and Sarah said...

So glad that you are enjoying your trip!!

Adeye said...

Oh my gosh--you're at the BEACH!!! Can you see me turning green????
Just kidding. I'm so happy your family is having some time away together-making precious memories. Just wonderful.

Oh, I am so with you, my friend. I just don't get those people who are gifted in the art of light packing. It is just so NOT for me :)

TanyaLea said...

Awh!..what a fun getaway!! Though you did miss a nice warm weekend in the great state of MN!! ;) We hit the 60's and it was a beautiful weekend for November...though I'm sure it doesn't compare to Florida. How FUN!! So happy for you. Enjoy your vacation time and stay out of those strong winds! ;) Keep post'in the photos while you are there. I love them!! :)

Laura L. said...

You surprised me. :) I had no idea you were headed to FL. Have fun and stay safe.
Cute pics, I especially like the last one.
I just met a new mom today. She's home from China just 3 months with a 6 year old. I told her about you. :)

Chasity said...

I'm with ya on that one. I tried to take 4 pair of shorts 2 skirts and about 8 shirts on our trip to China....I went crazy. I know I could have packed more. I ended up getting a couple shirts ruined on the washing adventure, so I will be packing HEAVY next time we go. Just throw what you need extra in the girls bags, their clothes are light anyway.

What a beautiful surprise to see you in Sunny (Windy) Florida. That tells you what I know, I didn't even know there was an IDA. I will keep my eyes on her now. Have a wonderful trip, and be safe.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Glad y'all had such fun in Florida, despite Ida! As to packing light - I must confess that I am rather good at it. Then again, I walked around looking like a complete frump in China, so... maybe I'm not the best example. The people who amaze me are the ones who pack light AND look good.