Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oops, I forgot my... (and Thankful Thursday)

Remnants of Ida!

Ida is gone now but she brought some cooler weather with her. We did a little shelling near the beach. The girls each have their own bags so they can keep their favorite shells. Sarah picks hers out carefully and inspects them!

Anna, on the hand, picks up the shells by the handfuls and dumps them in the bag!

We are all enjoying our week here in Florida! The weather has been okay but not perfect. We talked to the big kids at home- I guess it has been warm in MN! We travel all this way for warmth and here it is nice at home! Isn't that just the way it goes!!

I have just started an online bible study which I am so excited about. It has been awhile since I have done one and I really feel the need for it in my life. I new I would be starting it during our time in Florida so along with packing I made sure I new how to do the technical/computer part and then literally drove 40 miles to get the workbook because it was not available at a store near us. Okay, great I'm all set right! NOT! I get here, I begin the study and guess what? They want us to open our bibles to John 14! Excuse me, WHAT? I forgot my bible- yeah, I know... I'm doing a bible study? Hello Jean! Wake up- I guess I really need this more than I was thinking I did!

I checked every drawer in this place and no bible here either... hmmm! What to do?

There is one little bookstore nearby and they just so happened to have a lovely bible that will work perfectly! Thank you Jesus- the study can proceed!

Since today is Thursday I also want to add in my thankful list!

I am so excited to do my first Beth Moore study- thank you Jesus! Please Lord speak to my heart and fill me with your spirit. I pray to hear the message that you have intended for me. I pray for others that are also wanting your presence in them and that their hearts are accepting of your message. 

I am thankful that all is going well at home!

I am thankful that we have been able to do school in Florida and hubby has been able to do his work, while still having fun with the kids!

I am thankful that the families who have had H1N1 are recovering (that I know of, that is).

I am thankful for our children. The big kids are wonderful and the little kids are such blessings!

I am thankful that God has helped us to parent this crew and for now... all is well! 

Praying that we get PA and that it comes soon!

Enjoy your day!


Shonni said...

It looks so fun on the beach!

Michele said...

Hey Jean! I love the pictures! I love FL. LOVE IT!

Have you ever checked out It is an awesome website that has the bible online - in MANY translations. I even have a youversion app on my phone, so I literally have my bible with me where ever I go! Check it out if you haven't. It sure does come in handy.

Enjoy your vacation!

Sue said...

How do you do the online bible study?