Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Simple Thought!

Sarah likes to be held (don't we all)! She has now figured out that when I hold her she does most of the work! Hang on tight honey!

When Hubby and I were young the new thing in psychology was (the end of the hippie era)-if you are feeling frustrated or angry-just let it all out (who ever is in your way- who cares just let them have it). Express yourself and express your anger. Go ahead hit those pillows, tell someone exactly how you feel (who cares if you hurt someone else in the process- just as long as you feel better). Now, doesn't that feel good, I bet your anger is all gone - you have told that person off. You have told them exactly the way you feel and excess anger after that was taken out on the pillow. The theory was once you let it out it would be gone. NOT

I never believed it back then and I sure don't believe it now. I feel anger breeds more anger. It is a cycle that once you are in is difficult to get out of. It is where negativity only brings more negativity. What a backwards way of thinking we had back then.

In my own life I have done a human study on this already. Let me explain- if I am crabby to someone else I can all but guarantee that is what I will get back. The good part is the opposite is also true! Think about it, have you ever smiled at someone and then just waited to see what they would do- 9 times out of ten you will get a smile back. 

My very unscientific research tells me that when I share my feelings with others they are multiplied back too me. In other words if I am joyful I get joy from others. If I am kind I get kindness back. When I show love I get love back. Honestly this is what keeps me going every day! This is what I receive from Jesus everyday. This is what we all receive from Jesus everyday if we want to accept it! I am not one to turn down a gift, but a gift that grows- that's even better! 

Older child adoption is a challenge. It is a challenge that helps us grow each day. We lean heavily on our Lord for direction. I have once again found with my very unscientific research that the more love I give, the more love I get in return, The more I accept, the more acceptance I get in return. If I am happy, the people around me are happy! It is a very simple thought- I like simplicity!

For a really good idea check out our daughters blog!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love that!!! So true :) It is as simple as the more smiles you give...the more that return. The more you feel God's love running through you.....the happier your home, your life, your marriage..... :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Exactly why I love you...to get it right back!!!

Love your post, so true!

Mary Kate said...

I have pictures of your girls...I would love to share them with you!!! We are adopting their friend from the same area!
Mary Kate

Lori said...

You are such an incredible mother...and FRIEND!!

Love you!

David and Sarah said...

So true!!

Adeye said...

Oh I love your unscientific evidence!!!

Love your heart too, friend.

Sue said...

You did a wonderful job writing this post. You should be a motivational speaker. I also love the previous post...(just saw it) about your two newest daughters.

Janet and Kevin said...

Very wise study! Thanks for sharing.

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

bookman said...

'And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give'
-Paul McCartney

Hi Mom!!