Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Preparations!

The M& M's were a big hit with Anna! The peanuts ... not so much...

The big kids came over to help decorate the tree. As the evening went on no one seemed to be decorating, so we told everyone to put on 10 ornaments and then they could go back to visiting!

Sarah loved decorating the tree! She was a good worker!!

Anna loved putting up decorations- all of hers went on the same branch! I kept moving them around to different spots on the tree!

Many hands make light work!! Hubby and I were thrilled to have everyone help out! For many years we decorated it ourselves. The older kids were not interested and Johnny boycotted it because we would not buy a white tree- we are so mean! With the younger kids in the home now everyone wants in on the fun!

Sweet girl!

Such a precious helper!

Sarah wanted to try on these old christmas stockings. She doesn't quite get why we hang them on the mantle!

It was so helpful having everyone work together! We had the job done in no time!

Except we had a few of the helpers get sidetracked because of the football game!

Anna is a climber! She is standing on the arm of the couch so she can reach higher! I guess you need to be resourceful when you are that little!

Smile! We are almost done!

The finished product!


Lori said...

So very beautiful!! And I'm sure it was tons of fun too. Such a beautiful family, Jean!!

Jboo said...

Looks lovely! So nice to have so many helpers!


Adeye said...

What a lot of fun! And such stunning pics of your gorgeous family :) Can't wait to see TWO more next year.

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! The tree (and the kiddos:) are beautiful!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love it!

David and Sarah said...

What a beautiful tree! It looks like you had fun.


Sue said...

What a beautiful tree. I agree team work gets it done faster.

Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet pictures of precious family time. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli (got news Monday that we will be in China in 5 - 7 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

God's Grace said...

Asher likes to hang his all on the same branch too! too cute :-) Looks like a lot of fun...

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a pretty tree! And I'll bet all of our Christmas traditions seems more precious (and humorous!) when looking at them through Sarah's eyes.

Chasity said...

Oh, what precious memories, the tree looks beautiful. It looks like a very large tree. I would love to get a big beautiful real tree next year. We have one my parents bought for us from a wonderful organization that donates hundreds of thousands to people in need, so I just can't part with it. Happy Holidays, the night looks like a wonderful, fun, family tradition.

Karin said...

How fun! (Way to hold out on getting a white tree--blech!) Next year you will have two more little helpers!!