Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Our main family celebration is on Christmas Eve. We went to the 4:00 church service- it was fantastic! I just love the Christmas eve service it is so beautiful. I love seeing so many families together, singing the Christmas carols and the feeling that our heavenly father is right there beside me! The solos brought me to tears when I realize what He has done for us!

Ever since I was a little girl sitting in church I dreamed of having a family that filled the whole pew! This year we almost filled it, except for two seats! Next year Emma and Ellie will be sitting with us and the pew will be filled! Another dream come true- thank you Jesus!Of course this means now I will have to dream of filling two pews!! Another adoption and a couple weddings and we will be there in no time!

We had a snowstorm over the last couple days. It was not as bad as expected. It would snow then stop then snow again. There was enough time to plow and shovel in between the snowfalls. Since we have a big 4 wheel truck there is not much we can't get through! The snow was beautiful and just added to the ambiance of the holiday! The extended family made it over without a problem! We all had a wonderful evening!

The girl were very excited and eager to help big sis Katie wrap some of her gifts!

Matt and Katie are roommates! It is going very well EXCEPT and few new roommates have moved in! Mice! Katie is completely freaked out! MAtt not so much!

It is really a challenge to get this crew together for a picture. We corralled these six in the living room while we waited for Katie!

Mark used to play piano. It was so cute seeing him sitting there again (attempting to) playing!

Definitely room for two more in this pic!!

I am always trying to multitask! I wanted to get a pic of the brothers for when we send a photo album to each of our girls. Plus we are never all together... and looking decent at the same time, so I snapped away!

When they all found out that Billy was looking like the tallest they decide to do something about it! I think someone may have a hold of his underwear in this pic!

Anna was thrilled with her new tiger! She can ride it!!

This is the pic we will send to the girls of "the family that lives at home".

The big ge ge's that don't live at home! Johnny really misses the big kids. He is so happy they are all home!

Yes, I did this... I bought a sweater that matches the girls skirts! Katie can't believe it. No, she doesn't want to match, too. All she could say was mom that is so 80's...

The girls had so much fun with extended family over. It was so wonderful to see all the joy they felt! They seemed to chat with everyone!

Some of the big kids played cranium. They had a blast!

The whole fam for now!

The girls loved their presents!

Sarah loves arts and crafts!

Anna was all wound up! She was exhausted but running on sugar! She was like the energizer battery and kept going and going until her head hit the pillow!

I hope you had a blessed Christmas filled with joy and family!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

YEAH!!!! We fill a pew already, but with little tushes right now we are fine to bring our Naomi home. Of course our church would be more than happy to extend those rows for us- we have chairs for pews :)
2 more coming soon!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...

Great pictures. We also went to the 4:00 Mass which I also LOVE. I told my husband that next year we are going to have to sit in the bigger pew because we were not going to fit in the current one. We were pretty squished in there anyway. But I also think that if we get a bigger pew there may just be room for one more.

Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing, your family is absolutely beautiful,

Adeye said...

Oh wow--what a stunning day!!! Yes--I see that gap for two more in the pic. I am so excited for you. I cannot wait for them to be home.

You have SUCH a beautiful family, dear friend.

Janet and Kevin said...

That's wonderful that you all almost fill an entire pew! What great pictures of your Christmas celebration. We wish for your family a very happy new year!

Love in Christ from our home to yours - Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and expecting our TA very shortly for our Eli

Laura L. said...

Hi there! Looks like you guys had a very wonderful evening together. What a great, happy crew you have. Such a blessing.
Emma and Ellie have no idea what fun is in store. LOL!
Love all of your pictures.


TanyaLea said...

LOVE seeing all of these photos of your family together. Such fun times and great memories!

And as for getting together...I'm ALL FOR IT!! I think Wednesdays will be best for me! Let's keep in touch!! :)

Enjoy your family and I look forward to seeing all of the many blessings that 2010 will bring!!! <><


Pam said...

Love the new header photo, but I know that soon there will be another one! ;)

I had to chime in on the matching clothes. I told Emily that I might have to get something to match the little girls, and she about died! She also told me it would be soooo embarrassing. I reminded her that when she and the boys were little I matched us all alot. So we were doing it past the 80's and into the 90's! Yikes! Anyway, your matching brought a smile to my face and I think you 3 matching ladies look beautiful!

David and Sarah said...

What beautiful pictures!! Your family is just lovely...can't wait to see two more in you pictures next Christmas!

Many blessings,

Jennifer Barbee said...

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