Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Winter Fun at Christmas Time!

Johnny was the last of our bio kids to be on board to adopt. Now he is so happy our house is not quiet and boring! He loves his little sisters!

I believe Penny's mom is teasing her! The snow is quite deep!

Rescued at last!

Mark's winter clothes are at college. He layered up with what he could find in our closet!

Team One seems to be enjoying themselves!


They just lost their secret weapon "Anna" but hopefully they will be able to stand their ground and protect the fort!

Team two is looking pretty strong!

Team two just brought in more troops! It's not looking good for team one.

The secret weapon is up to no good!

Oh no- Billy has been taken prisoner now Sarah is alone defending the fort!


David and Sarah said...

What fun!

Hey! We're in MN right now. Too bad that we're not closer to your part of the state!


Karen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!! I love the idea of snowball fights, but it is just too cold for me to throw more than a few snowballs:-)

Laura L. said...

Cute pics! Love the one of Johnny with Anna. :)
What was Mark thinkin', coming to MN without his winter clothes. LOL