Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playgroup Christmas Party!

Nancy ate while chatting to Jacob! He is such a handsome boy!

Last night we had our Playgroup Christmas gathering. Since many of the children are in school now and Sarah does homeschool during the day we don't together as much as we used too.
It was so so nice to see everyone. 

The families are so wonderful and we all have a natural bond since we have all adopted from China. Every year we have new families join us. Many time their children have been home for awhile but they fit in right away- it is so nice!! 

Our Sarah really did a good job of socializing at the party. It has been hard for her because the other children have known each other for so long, she is older than them, she wasn't confident of her language skills with other children (she is great with adults) or the rules of childhood play (the interactions are different in an orphanage). She is starting to get it!

Now she has been home for a year (as of today- thank you Jesus) and we can really see her blossom! We have talked about making friends. How to greet people, to smile, and to share. Last night was a great night for her! Anna did well, too. She enjoyed all the children.  

Both of the girls talked about how much fun it was to have their friends over!


Adeye said...

Looks like so much fun. How wonderful that you have such a great support group. Can't wait to see two more princesses in the pic :)

Nancy said...

Hee hee, Jacob cracked me up, he is such a young man, little ladies you better watch out! Jean, you way outdid yourself in hosting...the food was great, kids had a blast, lots of time to catch up with everyone. I love your house, can I come live with you? :)

Thanks for such a meaningful time with friends!

Difference2This1 said...

So awesome that Sarah is "getting it" with social interactions... it's got to go a long way toward helping her feel more confident and a part of things in her new life. we are certainty "not getting it" over here, at least not very well. It's so great to see the fun things both your girls are doing!! :)