Monday, December 7, 2009

What's up with...

Going, Going, Gone!

I have to put up reinforcements everyday!

There were a few complaints from the non-residents. So we had to put up ALL the stockings!
I don't want to mention any names cause I wouldn't want to embarrass Katie! ;-)

Duct tape, nowadays? Isn't it supposed to be this incredible tape that is a "cure all"? Isn't it the gift of choice with college graduates (okay, I made that up!) But seriously doesn't duct tape fix everything? 

Hubby and I used masking tape to put up the stockings and garland on the mantle... excuse me, it all came falling down... many times...

So we reached into our bag of tricks and pulled out the duct tape (honestly, I think I've seen this on cars holding them together while the driver speeds down the road)! We were oh so cocky knowing that the garland would never fall again. We laughed, we joked... there goes the varnish! Seriously, we put this stuff up knowing we would cause permanent harm to the mantle  (but it was also high up and only our friends 6-7 and above would see it- of which we have NONE. So we were safe!)

Jokes on us the garland came tumbling down! The stockings fell one by one...

Hubby then heads to Home Depot and buys super strength duct tape because ya know maybe ours was old??? Do ya think?? No... even super strength duct tape is not doing the job... Any ideas? (BTW - the finish on the mantle is just fine)


Blogging Friend said...

Unfortunately duct tape now days is not worth buying. I think they took out most of the sticky stuff on all tapes. The best thing I can suggest is using thumb tacks, but make sure you get the longer ones because the small ones will not be long enough to hold a stocking. They do make a very small hole but nothing to big. Try putting them where others cannot see the little holes if at all.
Other than that all I can suggest is purchasing stocking holders and place them on top of the garland too.
Good Luck!

So is Santa going to be good to you guys this year??


Lori said...

I agree, thumb tacks work great. But your duct tape fiasco made for a funny blog post so it was worth the varnish-stripping and extra trip to HD...well, for those of us reading about it anyway!

Honestly, I have to say that stocking stuffing is my absolute favorite part of Christmas! So it's worth any effort necessary. And it's also as expensive as the gifts! Good thing Santa does it all. ;)

Mandi said...

We use the command strips and they work great. They are adhesive hooks and leave no marks when you take them off. I have even used them on walls before and had no problems.

By the way, your fireplaces are beautiful.


Janet and Kevin said...

Too funny! You will probably remember how difficult it was to keep the decorations up long after Christmas is over!! :)

May God bless your family this Christmas season -

Love from our home to yours,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Kim said...

Such a fun post... sounds familiar.
We have tried staples,thumb tacks, and tapes leaving a very ugly aftermath.
We now use the command strips and love them. We save ours each year and supposedly you can buy just the "tape" strips to refill the hooks...
Your decorations look fabulous!!
Kim(and the chili peppers)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Since we officially ran out of mantle space our new criteria to have a stocking is that you live in the actual house. This will teach those darn kids to grow up and move out!!!

Truthfully, it felt kind of weird and our non-residents have not noticed yet, well since they are non-residents they would not know they have been disqualified from presents in their stockings!!!

Oh what a little gift card could fix though!

Miss M said...

Sally I think your children and me are going to have a bone to pick with you!! haha just kidding! Hope you're doing well in California.

Love the decorations mom! SNOW DAY TODAY!!!

Janet said...

The 3m hooks. Not that I would know how they work for stockings. We accidentally threw ours out a few years ago. So now we have a (cheap) fun new tradition. On Christmas Eve we decorate lovely white lunch bags to put goodies in.
I do use the 3m hooks on the back of the bathroom doors though--sewed ribbon loops on all the hand towels and put them on the hooks so the littles can reach them. Janet