Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delete, Delete, Delete!

So many times I have sat down to post only to be interrupted, lose my train of thought and lose the momentum of the post. They all have ended up in the delete pile! You know when you feel strong about something, really convicted and the fingers are flyin... well, for me that would be three fingers since that is all I use to type with! Then someone has to go potty! Then someone else wants to talk about some sports issue on TV (Dad wasn't home- I was a distant second choice but I have ears so he thought I'd do... for now). Someone else is letting me know she gets the good seat for dinner because it is her turn to sit there and her lil sis has already planted herself in that spot. Well, you get the picture- delete, delete, delete. Someday I will remember those posts and try again!

Today I went to the eye Dr. I have had sore eyes and a couple broken blood vessels for 2 weeks. The diagnosis is... I have bruised eyes. Hmmmm, really? What does it mean... absolutely nothing. Use eye drops and don't rub my eyes so hard- okay- I can do that! I was certain I was going to have some fancy diagnosis. I got myself all worked up- you know anything can hurt if you think about it long enough! Yesterday they hurt- I was fixated on them. Today I was busy- they didn't hurt ;-)

This weekend we dived into the storage room- it is time to purge! This task could take us a long time, it's an ugly one! Perfect for those cold winter days. I couldn't bare to do this if it was nice outside! We are finding some interesting stuff! In the process I seemed to have misplaced my camera. I will try to attach a pic when Anna wakes up and tells me where she put it!! (believe it or not I am hoping she put it someplace- I would be bummed if I lost it!)

Big bro Matt is working on the family pic with Emma and Ellie added into it! I can hardly wait to get it! We will send it to the girls with a gift soon! (of course I am hoping for pics and answers to questions too)!


Jill said...

You crack me up Jean!
Hope your "bruised eyes" are feeling better! Is it all the eye rubbing from staring at the computer screen from blogging? LOL! (In all seriousness, I hope they are doing better!)
Good luck with the camera too. I cannot tell you how many things Lucy has "misplaced" for us!

Sue said...

Must have been sending vibes back and forth. I cleaned out our bedroom and took 8 trash bags of clothes/shoes to the good will today.
Sorry to hear about your eyes, hope they feel better soon.
I had to laugh about the best seat at the table. All the girls race to ask me first if they can sit next to me.....

Lori said...

So funny!! I can relate to everything you said. It's a glorious life, being a mother. Never dull (well actually, sometimes it is).

Adeye said...

Oh I soooooo understand! :)

Can't wait to see the new pic. LOVE the bunk bed idea--that's what we do here too.

Love and hugs, friend.

Jboo said...

Hope the eyes are feeling better! We need to do the big purge too -- maybe when the weather gets a little better, I'll tackle it! Have a great day.


a Tonggu Momma said...

That happens to me all the time (the delete pile, not the bruised eyes). I save them and try to come back to them, but then it's not nearly as easy to write because I was so in the moment the first time and am forcing it the second time.

Karen said...

I can so relate about the distractions:-) So sorry about your bruised eyes. Ouch!! Hope they heal quickly.