Sunday, January 24, 2010

Live each day, joyfully!

Struggling... a little with real life verses blogs verses things that are out of my control... I think it is so important to live in the present. I cannot live in the future- I have no idea what that future will bring. Sometimes preoccupation gets in the way with the present. I need to let go of that which I cannot control. Live now! Enjoy this blessed time with these amazing children! Fervently pray to our blessed Father in heaven, who is by the way, in control!

This has nothing to do with the Vikings game and those crazy New Orleans fans that keep cheering... (or the fact that we just lost the game)...

It has everything to do with filling my heart and soul with the spirit, serving, obeying, trusting and loving our Lord.

I do have a thing for sunsets. I know I have said this before but I feel so close to God and so in awe of him when I see such incredible beauty. My heart is filled with such deep joy and gratitude. It is a time that I need to spend with him. A time that I reckon myself to him and ask for forgiveness for being "off course". Do you have a place that you can just talk openly to God?A place where you know he will meet you there? It is the beach now BUT just so you know it was the bathroom for the first 30 yrs. of my life (I would go in there to be alone with him) , then it was the shower for the next 20 years. Seriously, I would go in there and just pray away... okay, I still do in the shower! But ya know I'm kinda likin the beach for the next 30 years (maybe I should say 40 yrs!)!

I do want my bloggy friends to know that I try to visit their blogs and leave a comment but often I get to do the first part without the second. I know it is so fun to have comments and I always try - I love your comments that you leave me. Sometimes I am just not able to leave then as much as I would like too. I try to go back to them but I ma not always able to do that. I do think the support we give one another is irreplaceable- we understand each other and we have been through similar circumstances. That is hard to find in this world... adoption bring us together. Let's face it we are unique families. WE NEED EACH OTHER! I know I need you!


Janet and Kevin said...


Beautiful pictures of God's glory! I know what you mean about not living in the future but trying to live in the here and now and enjoy our kidos who are already here!

of Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Eli (Gotcha day a week away)

Adeye said...

Oh I just love your sweet heart :) Don't even worry about the comments. We all do what we can and encourage when we can. I know and understand all to well that everyone is just so busy. No expectations, dear friend.

You are SUCH a treasure.

Angie said...

What gorgeous photos...nothing more beautiful than watching the sun setting from the beach. Have you moved to Marco? Are you really going to have that joy of meeting with the Lord on the beach??? Our pastor shared a great lesson from John 7 yesterday about serving and remaining "thirsty for God." I'm trying to blog about it...

Lori said...

Last night I was cheering for the Vikings and my boys both asked how I had decided to cheer for them and not the Saints. I said, "Uhhhh, duh, my friend Jean lives in Minnesota so that's why I want the Vikings to win!" Yeah, it made perfect sense to them (not). Sorry they lost!!!

Love the sunset pics!! What a beautiful display our Creator painted in the sky! I'm sure He is delighted that you noticed and are bragging on Him! Love it!!

No worries about comments, my friend! I am the same way...I read way more blogs than I comment on. I love your comments dearly, but if you don't have big deal!

Laura L. said...

Those are pretty pictures. Sunset over the ocean is a sight to behold.

I agree, live in the moment and truly try to be grateful for the here and now. I think the older I get, I "try" to be so thankful for each special time or moment with friends or family. See the joy in each little occasion, even if it's just ordinary moments of the day.

Where do I meet with God? Everywhere, and as often as possible every day. Bathroom, shower, kitchen, coffee, laundry, computer. He's everywhere, especially when He's uppermost in our mind.

Sally- That Girl! said...

no comment! :-)

Lilly's Family said...

I've been checking in often and dare I admit it- NOT leaving a comment for the same reasons you mentioned. Your blog encourages me so I stop by. If my blog encourages you, do the same. Leave a comment when you can- deal?
Love the sunset pictures!