Saturday, January 30, 2010

Name Change?

Oh me, oh my! A name change? Could you help us out?

Hubby says I'm doing this just because I love the name game but (well, maybe he is kind of right but who cares!) No this is for real and I need your opinion!

Our older daughter is tentatively Emma Joy- I do love that name! However, we have a last name that starts with an M- so it can be a little bit of a tongue twister. We could go with Emily Joy?
Which one do YOU like better?

Our younger daughter is tentatively Ella Mei. I also love that name and the name Elizabeth Mei, too. She will be called Ellie- all the time. What do you think again?

The girls will be called Emma and Ellie or Emmie and Ellie. It is more their formal names that we are wondering about?

Hubby and I will make the final decision but what you say may matter or sway us!

Today (Sunday) is day 39 as we wait for our LOA! We know of a family that got it on day 52- that must be a new record- wow! Other families received it on day 64 and day 80. Our agency said the soonest anyone has received it for them is day 60. Hey, that works for me! So here we are (im)patiently waiting! We are hoping and praying to get our update on these two treasures this week! I will let you know just as soon as we hear!

Don't ya just love that pic of the two of them!

Thank you Jesus for your blessings!


Jill said...

They are nothing short of adorable!!!
Okay asked, so here is MY opinion. I like the name Emma better than Emily, but LOVE the name Emmie, nickname or not. (Thought about Emmy for Lucy)
Love the name Ellie, but not so fond of Elizabeth. Not sure why......
But hey, this is one of the fun parts about being a parent!! I personally drive my hubby with both boy and girl names as soon as we even BEGIN the process of adoption, so he hears enough of my, ahem, stuff. LOL! ENJOY this name game!
Hoping for a quick LOA!

Sue said...

I think you should keep the names that you original had. Worry about how it will sound with the last name....When they get married, they may change their last name to their husband and you have no control over that.

Angie said...

I love picking names. It's one of the first things I do when we get matched with a new child! My vote is for Emma and Ella! But either way you go, they're beautiful names!

Pam said...

Of course I love the name Emily. But if we didn't already have an Emily, one of or little girls would have been an Emma! So, either one is a great name in my book. :)

When naming Grace we were down to 2names which every one agreed on. Grace (obviously) and Ellie, short for Elisabeth. Just yesterday Emily was looking at Grace's picture saying she thought she looked more like an Ellie. the name game going to begin again over here? I don't think so, but I do love the name Elizabeth/ Ellie.

I am praying for a FAST LOA for you guys!

Lori said...

I love all of them and I think they all go great with your last name. I guess my vote would be to stick with your original choices. :D **But I love the other names too...I'm horrible at making decisions, can you tell?

Acceptance with Joy said...

THe picture is really cute!!

I love all the names you are thinking about... but can I tell you something about the name Emily?

It must be one of the top NAMEs in the USA.

I have a children's choir of about 45 kids. At the moment four of those are Emily. Only two are Ellie - One is officially Elizabeth, but Ellie we call her.

Don't even think of Hannah. :-) I've probably had 7 Hannahs in the last few years.

At the moment I have two sets of sisters named Emily and Hannah in younger choir.

So far, no Emma's and only one mom named Ella.

I had no idea that Brianna would be a common name when I named my middle daughter and now we are adopting a Brianna!! So - we're trying to figure out what to do about that right now.

Having a common name is NOT so bad except if you are the teacher with multiple kids with the same name in the same class. I end up using last names a LOT. :-)

Hezra said...

Oh, I LOVE picking names, but hated getting the hubster to agree. Some of our worst fights were over names. lol(ok not FIGHTS, discussions) I love Emma and Elizabeth, both were in my top name runnings. I like Ella slightly better than Ellie, but again, just my opinion. I think Emily is beautiful, but there are so many of them. ugh, I know, not helping here am I? Good luck-- they really are all pretty names.

Sarah Elizabteh said...

I love your original names of Emma and Ellie. I love those names so much and I've always wanted to name my future kids those names. I wouldn't worry about the tongue twister; I've known some crazy names before.
So excited for you! :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh we have the same problem with Gio as his whole name Gabriel Owen and then with our last name doesn't seem to flow nicely off the tongue, but hubby picked it and so we will keep it! Besides I can't imagine him really going by Gabriel as we only refer to him as Gio and Gio with our last name goes fine. Although it may sound like a new ebook device now that I think about it!

I say stay with the originals and use Emily for your next daughter!!

Nancy said...

I like the original, Emma and Ellie. All nice names, but I already now think of them as Emma and Ellie :)
Good luck!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I prefer Emma and Elizabeth. I'll tell you why in an email. *grin*

David and Sarah said...

Hmmm...interesting that "Acceptance with Joy" knows a lot of girls with the name Emily, because I know so many girls named Emma! I love both names, but would go with Emily if it were me. I also LOVE Elizabeth.


Nancy said...

I like the alliteration of Emma. My daughter's name is Elizabeth, so I am partial to that name. As another reader said, when they get married their last names will be different anyway...unless they decide to keep their maiden names. Adorable pictures.

Difference2This1 said...

What a great picture!!! :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful girls!
Emma and Ella are both nice names, Ellie is cute too!

Thanks for sharing your blog, prayers you get that quick LOA!
We are waiting on ours too for blessing #8.

Karen said...

They are beautiful. I like the names Emma and Ella. Both sound good with your last name.

Praying you get your LOA soon (and that Sally gets hers too so you guys can travel at the same time again:-)

Truly Blessed said...

Since you asked...

My daughter is Elizabeth Joy but we caller Ella (sometimes Ellie, but usually Ella). I'm hearing it everywhere now that we have our 3 year old daughter home from China...Rarely heard Ella or Ellie before that!

Both of your new daughters are lovely. How exciting for your family (which is huge, btw! Not a slam, I'm a fan of big families, have 6 kids of my own!).


Sophie said...

Gosh it's hard picking a name because once you start calling them by the name you decide it's hard to start calling them by another name if your not happy with you original choice. My cousin did that because her and her husband could not agree on a name, it was pretty confusing for the child so they finally agreed on a name after several years, seriously!!
I love all the names but I hear Emily so often that I'm leaning towards Emma or Emmie. And Ellie is perfect for Elizabeth. What do your kids think??
Good luck!!

Rebecca said...

As a 3rd grade teacher, I have to weigh in and say that I know TONS of Emma's, but only a couple of Emily's. Both Ella and Emma were in the top 10 names for girls for 2009, so I would assume they will continue to be names that are common for the next few years. Personally, I think Emily (Emmie) and Elisabeth (Ellie) are a good option because the legal names are a bit less common, but the nick names are still really similar to what you were originally planning to call them :)

Leah said...

Ok here's my take on it. I think Emily goes well with the nickname Emmie. I like it when the nickname and formal name are very similar. And Emmie goes better with you last name than Emma, it's is less tongue tying. And I love the name Elizabeth, with Ellie for short.
However, I must tell you that when our 16 year old, Ashlyn, was born, we agonized over names forever. We finally settled on Holly Elizabeth. We were thrilled with how it sounded together. We just couldn't wait to tell my parents. The first thing out of mom's mouth was, "You are not naming my granddaughter Holly Woods!" Uhhhh yeah. We hadn't really thought of it without the middle name in there.
So you may want to disregard my advise in this area. God named our Abbey for us. I guess He just knows when His children need a little bit of "special" help. :P

living4him5 said...

Hey Jean,

I keep seeing your comments on some of the blogs I follow so I thought I would drop by and say hello! Love your blog!! We are currently almost DTC for our second China adoption. Our daughter waiting for us is 8 years old so finding your journey to older girls is a total BLESSING!!!

Praying your LOA comes soon!!

Glad to find you!

Nicole A. said...

Hi there! I love names, and I love all your choices. All pretty, all girly, all classic.

I would have to vote with staying with the original names - Emma and Ella (calling her Ellie). Emma and Ella are cute together, too!

Go with what you love. After all, you will again be able to choose names for future children ...!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH