Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday- January 21, 2010

I am thankful for this wonderful husband of mine who is so up for all the crazy ideas that I have! What a blessing he is in my life! What a blessing he is to this family's lives! He definitely has a fan club- it's us!

I love sunsets! I can never get enough of this... It is so amazingly beautiful! It makes me want to fall to my knees in prayer and that is just what I do! Thank you Jesus!

Okay, I am driving myself crazy. We are waiting for an update on the girls. I so badly want all that I have asked for- measurements, pictures (lots of them) and answers to the questions we asked. I got a great list of questions from Mary Kate and then just modified a few of them to fit us and then of course I had to ask each one twice- once for each girl! I am a little concerned they may get tired of the questions- I hope not. I have been waiting very patiently and peacefully for the girls... until now. Our purposed time to travel should work out really well for us BUT you know I would leave tomorrow if they let me! Our update won't come for another week or two so I need to just "chill" and focus on other things. So adding to my thankful thursday list- I am very thankful for the opportunity to get an update on our two darling daughters in China!

I am also so very thankful that they will be joining our family. My mind often wanders and I think what will it be like when they are here! Will they love the sandy beach like Anna, the sunsets like their Momma, roller blading like their sister Sarah, or the warm weather like their Daddy?

I am especially thankful for the people in China that take care of these precious orphans. The modern day pioneers that give up everything that is familiar to them to answer God's calling. To go far away from home and care for those in need and for the unloved. Oh Lord, please bless them with your peace and with answered prayer.

I am so thankful to for the big girl in the middle who is helping us out at home and hanging out with her little bro and the doggies while we enjoy a little southern warmth! Thank you God for the helping hearts of our older children!

I am thankful for texting and cell phones! I can keep in touch with everyone in this family through modern technology! We have one in Australia, one in Denver, 4 in Florida and the rest at home. Oh and I can't forget! A BUNCH IN CHINA! ;-)


Lori said...

Ugh...I remember waiting for an update on Lucy. It NEVER came! Seriously, I wondered if she even really existed! I couldn't believe they let us get on the plane. As if having no updates made her not real!

Silly me.

I hope you get ALL your questions answered, LOTS of pictures and accurate measurements...SOON!!!

Mom Of Many said...

I love your Thankful Thursday post! The picture of you and Jim - gorgeous! You two are just so cute together. And your Katie - such a precious big sis - golly I love that oldest daughter of yours - such a gift - even to us!!

As far as the update thing...When we finally (after one plus years of being in the process) asked for an update on Jubilee, literally the same day we were shot back measurements. They were so tiny, I thought that they must be crazy and someone just did it to appease me. But when we finally got to China - they were indeed accurate - she was 32 lbs when she came home - and days short of being 8! She is beefing up and I bet she has gained 3 lbs at least in 3 weeks home. She even has a little pooch on her scrawny self!

I guess God was being gracious to me in giving measurements in hours because we would end up waiting over 600 days - go figure. Course they came so fast that I didn't believe them.

I pray you get yours SOON!!

Much love from very, very, very snowy Colorado!! xo
PS And if you bring the book, I'll make the coffe, build a fire and you can read in my new chair to your hearts content...promise!!

Jboo said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful post too! So much to be thankful for, isn't there! Have a great weekend!


soontobemomof9 said...

Praying you get the update soon! We are in Bulgaria now, though I leave tomorrow ... and my heart is breaking to leave. But I am determined to get phase 2 done as quickly as possible so that they can come home!

Sue said...

wonderful picture of you and Jim, you guys make a wonderful couple and beautiful kids (bio and adopted).