Saturday, January 30, 2010

This and That!

Billy is home from his J-term in Australia! It is so nice to have him home! Once again he is back to raiding the kitchen and eating all our food! I love it! The girls aren't so sure, they think he will eat something they MAY want! My older children are now better cooks that their Momma. As I have said before, I just don't enjoy cooking. I woke up this morning to the delicious smell of a loaded omelet! I said, I don't like to cook but I do like to eat. Unfortunately the omelet was not for me. Billy is still on Australia time and was up with the sun cooking breakfast! I can't even lure the older kids home with my cooking anymore. They are all way better than me! You know I could say that was my goal all along and because of me they are good cooks and capable in the kitchen! I like the sound of that! Or maybe they finally got hungry enough to make themselves some food!

I tried to use reverse psychology on Johnny. I told him that no matter what I want him to wear socks that DON'T match... it didn't work... Every morning he just reaches into the sock bin and pulls out 2 socks. He's okay with whatever he gets! Maybe his mother should be matching them up? Nawwwww!

We a child turns 16 yrs old and begins to drive it is very freeing for them and for the Momma. He can drive himself to school, to soccer and to friends homes. We actually see him more because he can come home and then go out again instead of just staying out with friends. It is really quite nice... until you walk into the garage and realize there is NO car for you... you are free BUT stranded!

This morning Anna was sitting up at the counter with Billy while he was eating and she discovered some chocolate on her foot. She put it in her mouth and Billy said "NO, Anna you can't eat that". Being the youngest of 7 so far my first thought was oh she must be hungry and thanks for getting it off your foot so you don't track it through the house! Obviously Billy was part of the first crew where we didn't do that well guess what things have changed we do that now! ;-)

My latest project are the bookmarks on my computer. (3,400 bookmarks) kind of embarrassing! I am checking everyone of them and getting rid of the ones that no longer are necessary. I have had this computer for 2 years and even 2 years ago we were at a different place in our lives- my how things change. I was researching older child adoption and homeschooling. Many of the blogs I followed did not have older children in them NOW I love the ones with the older kids. Love to hear families journeys and their continued adventure at home! Hubby thinks I will be done with this project sometime next year! FYI Hubby, I am half way through already!! I am still going to have too many but it feels good getting rid of some of them and organizing the rest.

Yesterday was a tough day at our little school. My number one student didn't much feel like doin school. It was an exhausting day of trying to figure out how to handle it but I have to say things worked out well in the end! Hubby and I stand strong and together on this issue so that helps and Sarah is learning who makes the decisions in the family and when she does this, she is really only hurting herself. She ended up missing out on a fun afternoon at underwater world, getting pajamas for her American girl doll and going to the Am. girl doll store. I really think she is catching on to all this however I know we will still have bumps in the road! I certainly makes life interesting!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Have those days too. Homeschooling is fun, exciting, and NEVER dull!

soontobemomof9 said...

I laugh at how things have changed with my oldest kids vs. the younger, and esp. vs. Luke. It just drives my older ones nuts! But truthfully they had their time too... their was stuff they got [like pop] that Luke rarely if ever gets!

How is the process with the girls coming? I noticed no new updates for a while.... I have been thinking about you!

David and Sarah said...

Fun update! I love hearing about your lives!


Pam said...

My boys are the SAME way with their socks. Drives me CRAZY. And it doesn't bother them a bit!

Leah said...

I, too, can see the difference in how we parented the first two compared to how we are with Sydney. We have really loosened up. And sometimes our older kids still pout about it! Live and learn!

julie said...

Hi Jean,
My 21 year-old daughter is exactly the same way with her socks...and has been for years! She will wear one with stripes and one with polka-dots, it doesn't matter to her at all. It drives me CRAZY!!
BTW, the adoption adventure is moving along nicely, slower than I would like, but still moving forward. I'll keep you posted. Take care!

Jboo said...

Bet it is so nice to have son home even if he's eating everything in sight! Funny -- my boys are way better cooks than me too!

HOpe you all have a great weekend.


Chris said...

Love the thing about eating the chocolate off her sock... don't waste good chocolate.
I had an exhausting day of "training" our 7 y.o. Thank goodness for DH

Karin said...

I am so with you on the cooking thing. ugh. Also with you on the totally different standards for the oldest kids vs. the younger ones. :)

Lori said...

Ummm, yeah...the parenting thing has proven (at least in our house, and apparently yours too) that our skills don't exactly get perfected with time...just more relaxed! WAY more relaxed.

Love the sock issue. I NEVER match my boys' socks anymore. I have a plastic tub in the laundry room that I throw all their socks in...and they just fish out what they want. It is a great system for all involved. I couldn't care less if they match or not! And most of the time, neither do they. It keeps life exciting, I suppose.

Love ya, friend!

Sue said...

I hear you on the tough days...We had one today with the oldest one of the younger 3. She was just off and needed to get it out of her system...She didn't handle it right and missed out on somethings and was not happy about it...but tough love right? Dave and I have tried our hardest to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to the kids, that way they learn they can play one against the other. You are a great mom and teacher.

Jennifer O'Cain said...


You are always such an inspiration. I love when you compare the mom you were to the mom you are now. It really helps me think. You are such a great mentor, I get what you are saying about letting things go. I am trying too.