Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Cool!

Lately I have heard from a few bloggy friends and it has been so cool! Seriously cool! A while back a group of us fasted and one of the ladies just e-mailed me - her husband heart has been moved to adopt! That is about the coolest thing I have EVER heard! Wow, is our God good! Friends - he was a definite NO. Look (as Linn would put it) "How our God Moves Mountains!"

Two other emails were from friends that were adopting older and wanted to chat about it. Another e-mail was from a "vibrant" bloggy friend about "my age" that was adopting- incredible! Thank you Jesus!

I think my only regret is that we didn't adopt earlier. I am feeling the age issue- NO I'm not feeling old, I'm feeling like someday they are going to say no to us. That will be a very sad day. Anybody out here heard of families adopting when they were older that the magical 54/55 or when their ages added up to over 110??

If anyone wants to e-mail me and talk adoption please do! For me this is answered prayer! This is a day maker and even a month maker!

BTW- we should hear when our LID is very soon! I am so excited!!

God Bless your Journey to your child(ren)!


annek said...

Hi Jean!

Greetings from an "older" parent in AZ! We have three bio children 19, 16, and 15. Our fourth, age 10 is from South Korea. We are anxiously awaiting our TA for our two and a half year old son from China and it has been quite the ride. We love reading your blog and we seem to have a lot in common. We homeschool, too, and love the Lord and want to serve Him. Many people think we are crazy to be doing an adoption at our age (51 and 52), but what a wonderful opportunity we have been given to bring another child home from across the sea. He will have a great home and learn about the Lord. Can't do better than that! Check out my daughter's blog!
Have a blessed week and know that you are thought about in sunny Arizona!

TanyaLea said...

Hi Jean! Wow...this IS definitely worth celebrating and singing praises for!! God is SO GOOD! I love the power of fasting and prayer...and how He is not only able to move mountains...but in so many cases, He DISSOLVES them!!! <>< PTL!!

Praying your LID is in your lap, soon! I am currently working on some more 800 papers for when our LOA arrives...can't wait!

Big Hugs,

Sue said...

My husband was one that was a big no until we saw Erin. He says we are done after her, but I am not.....It is a miracle that we are getting Erin, so I think we have a chance for another one......Age won't be a factor for us (thankfully). We (I more so) prayed very hard when I found Erin and God has moved Mountains for us to help us bring her home. BTW I hope you like you shirt.

Chris said...

Jean, join the Waiting Children China yahoo group, there are quite a few parents who were granted waivers after that magical age. Never hurts to ask.

Chad and Kristy said...

I know a lot of families here recently that got age waviers without a problem... adopting children from China between 3-10. You got a good 10 years left:)

Love you!

soontobemomof9 said...

I guess I am not older... but I can sure feel that way. :)

I love seeing how God is moving, and how adoption is not only becoming more common, but more "out of the box" families are adopting! It's nothing short of a miracle! :)

We leave in 10 days for trip one! I can hardly sleep at night! I am so ready, and I am already praying for a very quick return trip!!!!

I am not familiar with China... what is "LID"?

God's Grace said...

Oh how I love hearing this news!!!

I must confess, I'm feeling that age issue too. I mean, I'm not out of my 40's yet, but we aren't ready to adopt again financially. But I know it's all in the Lords hands...and we are fasting right now. I'm expecting wonderful things in 2010 and that many will get onboard to end the blight of orphans worldwide! (maybe I think too big but nothing is impossible for my God!) My 4 year old keeps telling me he wants an older sister close to his age so he can play with her :-) Terry

Pam said...

Hi Jean,

I emailed you twice at the email you left on Emily's blog, and it bounced back both times. Can you email me at pehorner@carolina.rr.com


BTW~ I've seen lots of people mentioning age waivers on Madison's yahoo group. In fact just recently there was a thread about it. You've got many years of adopting ahead of you for sure!

Jerry and Christy said...

This is the first time I have looked at your blog. We too have 5 biological children ages 33- 17. We have 2 girls adopted from China ages 8 and 3. My husband is 53 and I am 52. We are praying about adopting older child. We have been waiting because my sister-in-law and niece have been living with us for the last year. They are moving out soon.
I will try e-mailing you later. Got to start homeschooling for the day.