Thursday, January 7, 2010

We have our LID!!

I am so so excited!! We just got our LID! It was 12/24/2009!!

I prayed that it would be before Christmas and thank you Jesus for answered prayer!

So this means if we get our LOA on Feb 4th it would have taken 42 days. I know this is not going to happen to us but hey, I can dream!

If we get it on March 4th it would have taken 70 days. This could be a realistic scenario!

But if it takes longer like April 1st then it would have taken 98 grueling days - oh my, at that point this Momma will have an aching heart.

For those of you who are not with a China program LID means LOG in Date. That is when all your paperwork is in China and it is when you start the countdown to LOA- Letter of Approval. LOA comes somewhere between 42-120 days after your LID. After your LOA you wait for your TA- travel approval. I am not sure how long that takes now- think 8-10 weeks? Then families travel about 2 weeks after that! I think ;-)

It just doesn't make sense to me why some LOA's come so quickly and other take so long 42-120 days is quite a span. Does anyone have any insight on why this happens? If you get a chance please pray for Mandi! She has been waiting too long to bring Drew home. To the point of it being painful. The good thing is once you get LOA you forget about the pain of waiting for your baby. The focus changes to just get the TA and getting to China. Praying that your LOA comes very soon, Mandi and Matt!


Lori said...

The way I *think* it works is that depending on whose desk your dossier ends up on at the CCAA, it could go fast or slow...if that person has a huge stack of dossiers to go through then it takes a long time, if yours happens to end up on a shorter stack, then, lucky you, it goes faster. ??? That's what I heard...not sure if it's true or not.

And then again we need to remind ourselves that there is no rhyme or reason to much of this. But thankfully, unlike other countries, China does have a system that works.

Laura L. said...

Congratulations, Jean and family! That's great news.

Jill said...

One of the best Christmas gifts ever!

Mandi said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift you received. Congratulations. You are one step closer to your beautiful girls.

I will be praying that you get your LOA as quickly as possible. I honestly did not think we would join the 100 club on RQ, but we have and are now at the top of the list. It is quite depressing.

I have been told that there is about a 8-12 week time span between LOA and TA. With that being said, I am thinking we will not be with our sweet boy before he turns 4 (March 11).

I do know that God's timing is perfect and when He is ready for our family to grow, He will unite us with our son.

Thanks for the prayers, Jean, they mean so much right now.


Pam said...

Great news, Jean!

Our LID is 12/4 so only 20 days apart! Maybe we'll be in GZ together!

I,too, am so confused by the waits for LOA. Some so quick and others so s.l.o.w. Sigh....

Adeye said...

Woooooohooooo! I am totally rejoicing with you, my friend. What wonderful news today. Another huge step closer to your angels.

I'll be praying for agonizing for them.

Kim said...

Woohoo!! Another step closer to those beautiful girls. I love the pictures! We will pray that you will be on the "speedy" end of that wait for LOA.
Kim(and the five chili peppers)

Gretchen said...


I will be praying for sooner vs later. We had to wait passed day 100 to get ours! YUCK!!!!

Sophie Neri said...

Praise God!! So excited for you and your family

a Tonggu Momma said...

Congrats, Jean and family! And isn't it just like God to accomplish two birds with one stone - growing your faith and answering your prayer on the last possible day. Heh. Gotta love it!

TanyaLea said...

Yipppeeee Jesus!!! I'm seriously so happy for you, dear friend! I'm working with Sarah now on getting more i-800 papers done so we are 'ready to rumble' when our LOA finally arrives. I'm trusting that it will be sooner, than later. But only God holds that key! It's a hard one. We are officially at day 50 today! It could be here soon, or it could take a month or two yet. My b-day is the 31st, so I'm praying it's here by at least then. Khloe's b-day is Feb.8th, so I REALLY want the news by then at the LATEST! But was hoping we'd get our TA in Feb sometime. Anyway, I will trust in God's perfect timing...he already chose the day and hour, and I know it will be perfect when we are finally there! My heart aches for Mandi and Matt and we are just pray'in that their TA comes soon. You're so right, there is no rhyme or reason... it's so confusing. But like someone else said, at least we know they have a system that works!

Congrats on your LID...doesn't it just feel good!!?!! Love the photos of the girls. They have such pretty, thick braids! :)


Courtney said...

CONGRATS on your LID! A huge milestone. We've been following your journey for some time..can't to see those precious girls home!

Our LOA took 157 days was heartrending! But now we're past that and are expecting TA any day! Praise the LORD!

Karen said...

Yea!!!! You are officially "in line". Praying for quick LOA!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Yea for Ellie, Emma and the rest of your family for LID!!!! Something wonderful about that!!!

I think our LID will be January 11, so would be about three weeks behind you. Let's say you are a day 60 and we are 42 that would make perfect timing!!!! Okay, I know He already knows the day our babes are coming home!!!

Can't wait to see you China!!! I can keep hoping that His timing is our timing!!!

David and Sarah said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

They are just beautiful!


Sue said...

Congrats on your LID.....Hopefully it will be shorter with CNY coming up...that they will push and get things done quickly....
Beautiful pictures of Emma and Ellie.
I will pray for a speedy LOA

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean -

Great news! So happy for you!

God bless this newest adoption journey to your beautiful daughters.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon to be home Eli

quilt-n-mama said...

I am praying that you get a really quick LOA!!! That is such a painful wait! Last year we waited 189 days for our LOA for Nate... oh the tears I cried. Then our TA was so slow too... but Monday we celebrate 1 year of our little man being in our arms and what a blessings 2009 was for us!
Praying for you my friend,