Sunday, March 21, 2010

He Got A Job!

I think he got his wish!

Sarah is really into bunny ears lately!!

Happy Birthday Billy!

We love you!

When we left for San Diego our son Billy found out he got a job! He is in his senior year of college and he will graduate in May! This is a grown up job and he has to wear a suit (he currently doesn't own a suit!). Guess what he is getting as a belated birthday gift! We didn't buy him any birthday gifts because we knew he would need a few things after graduation so we decide to wait and see what he needs (now we know!).

We are so excited for him! As a Mom it is a good feeling to know that that piece of the puzzle is in place!

Katie called us Saturday morning. She immediately said "Have you talked to Billy?"

Since we hadn't talked to him we had no idea but the question alone gave it away! Katie had no problem sharing the good news!

The good news that she wasn't supposed to share!

The good news that she promised Billy she wouldn't share!

Because it was his good news not hers!

She started off telling us that she made it very clear to him that she wasn't jealous... and she wasn't mad... but how did he get this job? I'm not quite sure why she needed to make that clear but I guess it's good that we all know... she's not jealous and she's not mad!

Well maybe... a little!

Congratulations Billy!! I mean Bill, that's more professional!

Nawww, he'll always be Billy to me!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...


Lori said...

That's great news! A job is a rare-find in this economy! Way to go!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the job!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Billy and congrats on your job..and soon graduation

TanyaLea said...

awhhh, yep...he'll always be Billy to his mom!! :) Congratulations on such an exciting accomplishment. Time for some "suit" shopping!

How are the kiddos feeling? Are you still in CA...just making plans for the week and wondering if you will be around Wednesday. OR if you're wiped out from your trip, I understand. Just let me know either way. We can always do it another week.


Pam said...

Whooo Hoooo Billy!!!!!

Karin said...

That is WONDERFUL! How exciting for all of you. :))

living4him5 said...

WOW! That's exciting news!!

Amy <><

Mandi said...

Hey, Jean, I have e-mailed you a couple of times about the prizes. Can you e-mail me so I can tell you what you need to do?


Christine said...

Cool. Happy Birthday!