Sunday, March 21, 2010

Multi tasking- time away and a soccer tournament!

Reluctant subject- Johnny does not enjoy it (only barely tolerates it) when I pull out my camera!

The boys made some friends!

Don't ya thing this would look nice in my dining room! ;-)

The beach and a low lying cloud covering the island!

The Coronado! No, we are not staying there!

Hubby and I are in San Diego with Johnny and his soccer team. This time together and being able to watch Johnny play soccer has really been a treat for us! As the family grows it is difficult to get to every thing so we really appreciate it when we can be at the events!

We have been able to converse without interruption -which we are enjoying but not planning to get used to it! It is such a new concept for us to be able to finish a thought!

It was very hard for me to leave our little girls. Hubby and I have never left at the same time. Sarah was not too keen on it but she managed her emotions well. She had many questions, we went over and over the schedule and reassured her many times. Big sissy Kate, boyfriend Devan and my friend Karen are taking care of them. They are in good hands!

The first night away I felt pangs of homesickness but the weekend has gone by fast and we will be heading home soon. The boys have won their first two games and need to win or tie this next one to continue! San Diego's weather is perfect! What a joy to be able to be outside and be comfortable!

In the middle of the night we got a telephone call- babysitter Kate has the stomach flu- what a bummer. The poor dear is miserable. We are hoping and praying she feels better soon.

It did cross my mind that those dreaded stomach flu germs are now in the house- oh, ugh and yuck! I was hoping to avoid that this year but we will see...


Lori said...

What a wonderful getaway! But hard to leave the girls, I'm sure. And SO SAD that Kate is sick. Ugh.

LOVE the pic of the boys with the red hat ladies! Bahaha! So funny!

Pam said...

Oooh, enjoy your time away!!!!

So sorry about Kate. UGH

And the red hat ladies are just too funny!

klm said...

sorry about the germs ma. i blame my students...

susieloulou said...

San Diego! I'm in San Diego! We took college boys to see the Del last weekend :-)
Glad we had some nice weather for you!
I found my kids got about 300% better about us leaving when they found out about souvenirs!

Sue said...

So sorry to hear about Katie, Just think..this little trip without Sarah (and Anna) will prepare her a little bit of you being gone for a couple of weeks....

TanyaLea said...

Oh lucky you... I LOVE San Diego. We took the kids there on Spring Break a couple years back and loved Coronado island. Beautiful. We actually stayed in Escondido just north of SD aways. Oh how I crave some of that sun, the refreshing ocean breeze in my face, and some FISH TACOS...they are the BEST down there!! :)

So sorry to hear that the 'bug' has struck your house. I told ya it's a strong one. Dawson was the only one in our house who managed to avoid it... that is, until 2:30a.m. last night when he woke me up saying he wasn't feeling good. Yep, he got it, too. Think he's on the mend now, but I'm keeping him home a day or two just to be safe. He's finally sound asleep.

Enjoy these moments away. Your kiddos are in good hands and you won't have those opportunities very often. You are blessed! :)


Adeye said...

Have the BEST time away, my friend. Make the most of every minute--life is about to get a wee bit busier soooooon :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Go eat at Kansas City BBQ where they filmed Top Gun. It is right across from the Seaport Shopping. My name is on the ceiling and their wings are to die for!!!!

I cna't believe we missed each other by one measly week!!!