Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Thankful!

Today is day 69 as we wait for our LOA. I am so thankful that it has felt like it has gone by quickly until now that is! We will not be setting any LOA records but it sure would be nice to get it soon... like real soon! Please pray with us that our LOA arrives soon! Once it does you will be the first to know!!

I am so thankful for these little DVD players! They make flying with these two a breeze and we even had a moment to visit when they each watched a movie in the evening. NO, I do not plan to buy 2 more. They will have to share with Emma and Ellie come home! Oh my I can see a few squabbles already!

I am thankful for our time with Mark! It was so good to see him. We haven't seen him since January 4th and we all miss him. We went out to eat, shopping and to get ice cream!

We also went to the Aquarium in Denver! It was so much fun! The girls loved seeing him! They were all over him!

Anna was a little scared up there, so close to the stingray floating above her!

I am thankful for Sarah's confidence and learned physical strength. She climbed the tree and almost got to the top!

We cheered her on BUT then she made the mistake of looking down- yikes!

Billy, Matt and Mark

Just as we were about to board the plane home we got a call from Katie. Matt had been in a ski accident in MN. He went off a jump but his ski boots got caught in a tree branch and caused him to flip. He landed on his upper back between his shoulders. He was in a lot of pain and was feeling tingling and numbness down his arms. They immobilized him on the hill and took him to the hospital. He had 4 CAT scans and was finally able to head for home at 11:00 at night. He has a bruised spin, a sprained back and possible concussion and hairline fractures on his shoulder blades. (He had a helmet on - thank you Jesus!)

When we landed we went straight to his place- we knew he was able to move around and but still in a lot of pain. It was so good to see him standing and walking! Our visit brought a smile to his face. We brought him lunch and a few groceries- he decided to stay at his place instead of come home for TLC from his mom-but I understand. I am so grateful to God for being with him and protecting him from a more serious injury.

I am so thankful that Billy stayed at our house and took care of his younger bro Johnny and the doggies! I found evidence that they broke a few unwritten rules. They let our two large hairy golden retrievers run the house! They think we are not good parents to the doggies- oh well. (i am allergic to dogs - i say they doggies are lucky to still be liven here!)

I am so thankful for answered prayers that I have had the privilegde to witness. It is so incredible what our Lord can do- thank you Jesus!


Tina said...

I am with you COME ON LOA!!

Mandi said...

Oh my goodness, poor Matt. You can count on prayers from me. I hope he feels better soon.

I will also be praying that you get LOA fast. We may have to postpone our travel a few weeks so maybe we will meet up in China:)


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Wow- glad he is ok....scary.
Praying your approval comes soon and you can bring your babes home!!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

So glad Matt was okay!!!!

Happy that you got time with Mark. I know how hard it is to juggle between the oldies and the littles!

You know that your LOA is in the same envelope as mine!!! Thanks for being such a good friend and waiting for mine!!!! :-)

Karen said...

So glad Matt is okay.

You have been on my mind lately about your LOA. I didn't want to ask and make you think about the wait but I've been wondering if you've heard. I pray that you receive your LOA THIS WEEK!

Adeye said...

Praise God Matt is okay, my friend What a scare. Wow!

How fabulous that you had such a fantastic time in Denver. The pics are so wonderful :)

TanyaLea said...

Praise GOD that Matt is okay! Such a freak accident, but it's good to know he wasn't alone, and that his Keeper was there with him!!

And you know I'm already pray'in for that LOA to come quickly... it'll be any day now, I just know it!!

Look'in forward to our lunch date next week. I can't believe it has taken us this long when we live so close. Though I know you have a house full and my kiddos are in school all day, so it's easier for me to break away... until Khloe is home, that is!! ;)

See ya soon!
~ Tanya

Sophie said...

So sorry to hear Matt got hurt, scary fall, but praise God he'll be alright and it wasn't much worse.

Sue said...

So glad to hear that Matt didn't suffer more serious injuries and thank Goodness for the helmet. I praying for a speedy LOA for you, because you have waited long enough

Laura L. said...

Hi there. I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's accident, and very glad he is okay. I hope he will soon be completely well.
I hope your LOA comes SOON! Let us know.

The Heald Family said...

WOW - I am praying Matt recovers quickly!
Glad you are home safe:)

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, I am so glad Matt is going to be ok. Will keep him in our prayers for a speedy healing.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah