Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Okay- no one was staying in this room so it kind of gained a bit of clutter!
Now, no talkin about me behind my back!

Yeah, I may have a little problem but if you need a box! Just give me a call! This comes in very handy a Christmas time and for Birthdays! FYI- I got rid of half of them!

I didn't take a pick with all the clothes out there- that was another, oh my!

Yes, wrapping paper my also be an issue with me. Have trouble throwing it away! It seems so waistful! Again, I did get rid of half of it!

Slowly making progress!

Now where talkin!!

It's lookin comfy and homey!

It even has room for the big bros!


Oh My- this is not a small project! Instead of fixing up a room for the girls we are changing around 6 rooms- ugh!

It was so easy with Anna. We had an extra bedroom and took my own sweet time getting it ready. When Sarah came Johnny moved to Mark's room and Mark moved downstairs. It was a natural move since he was heading to college. We went through some things but not too much. Again, I had a nice empty room to fill!

This time- oh my, oh my, the junk! It never ends! One little project leads to another and another and another... Matty went to college 8 years ago. He only stayed n the basement room a little bit but we found some of his things in there, along with Billy's and Mark's. It all had to come out there if there was any hope of Johnny feeling like it was his room and if there were any hopes of him being able to keep it clean! So we decided less is better! Many of the things from his other room were from middle school and elementary sports- that all goes into storage- another ugh!

It was kind of emotional for me to move him downstairs. It wasn't until things started to come together that I thought this could work out. We still have the bathroom to clean and get set up. With the 4 girls running around upstairs I think this should work out good from Johnny and Mark (during the summers)!

Next on the list-
1. Johnny's old room becomes the school room.
2. Emma and Ellie will get the pink room until more join us. Then they will move in with Sarah and Anna and free up a room for the new kids!
3. The old school room/ exercise room becomes the girls playroom. It is an upstairs bonus room and the girls do not like to be far from Momma during the day!
4. The downstairs playroom becomes the exercise room and we put in a Ping Pong table- ya'll know my son's team is 3rd in the state for Ping Pong!!

Lots of movement going on here in this house!
Have I told ya'll how much I hate doing this- going through old junk, wondering how in the world anyone can collect this much stuff. It should be against the law! The fun part is getting the rooms ready after the "junk" is out but we have a lot more work ahead of us! Did I mention the master bedroom closet- that needs to be done, too. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I think this is a form of nesting!! It's some where between nesting and purging! Our garbage was emptied Friday morning and now they are both filled again- already!

Tomorrow is day 74 as we wait for our LOA- I am praying it comes this week!! Please Lord!

Also, please pray for baby Luke from Morningstar Project. I heard he is off to Israel for the surgery that he desperately needs. Linny wrote about it on her blog!

Thank you!!
Bless you sweet bloggy friends!


From the Erben Gang..... said...

WOW! You have been working hard!!!
We were thinking of Sarah on her bday! and Thinking of luke in his journey.

Hezra said...

I am doing this here too, but with too much stuff, too manhy kids messing up as I go and not enough real help. Sort of feeling like I am drowning here! You made amazing progress! Good job!!!!

Karen said...

Wow!! I love your basement! With all that nesting your LOA must be on its way. The room looks great. I like how you kept beds for your older boys.

David and Sarah said...

Wow! What a lot of work! But, it's well worth it, isn't it?!!


TanyaLea said...

Oh My! are nesting! ;) Don't're not at all alone in that feet. I am doing the same thing...and like you, one project leads to the next and the next and the next and... you know what I'm talk'in about!! Sometimes I feel it will never end. How did it get this way to begin with. Unused closets with years of pile-up, stashing neglect...that's how! And sadly, there are still layers to pull away. Hopefully I'll find some good stuff as I dig deeper. ;)

We'll get there, my friend. I know we will!! :)

empathetic hugs,
~ Tanya

p.s.>> happy belated b-day to Sarah!!! :)

Angie said...

Beautiful job! OK...just make me feel better by telling me that your house is not always that neat and tidy. And who does your decorating? It looks like it comes out of a magazine! I think I need more coffee!! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

I think you are definitely nesting! But in a big way! LOL! Looks good.

Janet and gang (Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah)

Shannon said...

Hi! I just found your site from Linny's (I think...) I am so excited to have found you! We have three kids (currently) one bio guy and two girlies from China. I look forward to following along and praying for you guys as you go and get your sweet girls!

日日夜夜 said...
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David & Janet Hurley said...

I feel your pain....we moved a schoolroom, and 2 bedrooms recently. I love how you are thinking ahead for more=). We want to sell our house next year (if God wills) and build one with 1 large boy room, and 1 large girl we don't have to keep doing all the moving around! Janet