Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wait is Getting More Difficult...

In these pics they look like scared little girls. Such serious looks for such young children. I think Emma was the caretaker for Ellie.

These are pics that were taken for our update. Such beautiful little girls but most likely wondering what is going on? Why are they doing this?

There were little movie clips and the foster mom would say "tell your new Momma and Babba to hurry and come and get you", " tell them you are being good little girls". I think it upset them. Emma looks teary. I want to hug and comfort them.

The wait is getting more difficult. I want to go get them now. We have known who they were for so long, it's nearing a year. They have waited too long. They should be home with their family. I know that it works out for us to go in June BUT I want to leave NOW!

I have looked at their pictures so much- I know them, I know who they are, they are "our daughters". Their faces are so familiar to us. Before we accepted the referral we got more information on them. They had a tough start and were in shock to find themselves in an orphanage. The information helped but that was not how we made our decision- it was through much prayer and then we looked at them and new... we new they were our daughters. It didn't really matter what the new info said, their faces had become so familiar.

Things that I noticed before I do not notice now- they are so beautiful and so perfect. What an incredible gift from God! I can hardly wait to be in China and meet them!

Today I sent them a little gift through one of the services. I am excited for them to get it!! I have their next gift all ready except we need to label some of the photos! We wouldn't want them thinking I'm their grandma now would we! I'm puttin a big fat MAMA sign next to me and a BABBA sign next to that gorgeous gray, excuse me silver haired Hubby of mine!

Right before we come we will send a cake so they can have a party with their friends! Do you think we should send two cakes or one? They have watched so many children come home. A lot of the pics we have of them are at other children's parties. Soon it will be time for them to have their party!

I don't want to wish time away- I just want them HOME! (Does anyone out there object to skipping April and May this year?)


Lori said...

Under normal circumstances I would say that NO, I absolutely do not want to skip April and May. However, because two little girls' lives are in the balance, yes, I totally agree to skip those months. Send me the petition and I'll sign it. :)

And listen, DO NOT look like a grandma!!! God knew well in advance that you would be adopting at your tender young age so he gave you great youthful genes, Jean!! :)))

Is it June yet?

Anonymous said...

I say we skip April and May but tack them on when September is over! that way we have a longer summer. I can't wait to see you with your girls and get them home to that brood of yours!!! They will be overwhelmed with all the love their getting. so very exciting

soontobemomof9 said...

Please let's do skip it!!!! I am 200% with you on this!

I have no words of wisdom. I don't have anything left in me to wait with. I am getting through it be the grace of God alone! I am not sleeping well at night and want to sleep all day! I just want the time to go by fast! At night I can't stop dreaming about them, or thinking about them!

I go through all the clothes in their dresser refolding them, I remake their beds, I vacuum their room almost daily, and no one is in there! I am NOT crazy, I just have such a hard time doign nothing to get them home right now. :(

It hurts, and it sucks! So, I am SO with you in skipping forward to June. My kids will back me up, they are ready for school to be out! :)

Hang in there! Our sweet girls will be home, and we will recover from this... at least, that is what others have told me. I have my doubts. :) :)

Angie said...

Yes...let's skip those months. We'll be closer to my daughter, too, and miss my birthday! Could you also share with me the service you use to send gifts? I would love to send one to our daughter but I don't know who to use!

Karin said...

Oh, bless your heart. Your little girls are precious and I hope the time flies by for them and for you as you wait to bring them home. No words of wisdom on the cake...

Did you get my email about the photo from Adeye's auction? If not, can you email me?

living4him5 said...

Oh mercy, do I know where you're coming from. I've had my Madelyn's picture for over a year now too and we are awaiting our LOA, we're just 17 days in. I'll be praying for speed so our girls can get home.

I sent Madelyn's orphange three cakes at Christmas for friends and staff as a way of saying thank you. We got a note back telling us how happy they all were. I would definitely send two!

I know what you mean about NOT wanting to wish time away especially because of my babies here at home, I just want my Madelyn here too!!! Hang in there!!

God's blessings,
Amy <><

David and Sarah said...

Oh...this is truly the hardest part. Praying that the wait goes quickly!


Kathy said...

I so relate to the last part of the waiting!
It was the hardest for me. Praying you can
keep busy and it will go by quickly. Also
praying for the Lord to prepare your
precious daughter's hearts for all the
changes that will be taking place in
their lives.

Pam said...

I for one would love to skip April and May! :) This year.

MoonDog said...

absolutely lets skip april and may and that would get us closer to our girls too!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I don't object at all, especially if it means you can bring them home more quickly.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I know the wait!!! UGH!!!

I, too sent a package today using Ann at Red Threads. We are excited to see if he gets it and if we can get updated photos.

See ya in China!!!

julie said...

Sounds like a great idea to me! We would have so much of this paperwork behind us...putting us that much closer to our litle girl.

We still haven't seen her precious face, I just know that will make it even harder.

Suzette said...

Ok, guess I'll be the first to say NO I don't want to skip April! We are still praying that we will be heading to get our sweet girl at the end of April. I had no idea it would really be this long waiting and that waiting for someone you have never met would be so difficult. We first met our daughter last May and it seems like ages ago. Praying we all get there soon! Hoping you have a peace as you continue waiting.

Janet and Kevin said...

We have been mistaken for being Eli and Philip's grandparents (one time was in China from a Chinese family who just couldn't understand adoption). Too funny!!

Praying for your girls to come home to you quickly.

Janet and gang