Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's what... daylight savings time?

Poor Mark wakes up this morning and realizes it is day light savings time! His parents(that would be us) didn't mention it to him because they(that would be us, again) didn't know either! Thank goodness we went to church last night or we would have arrived as everyone else was leaving today! He was supposed to catch a plane home- yes, I used past tense! He missed it...

It is his spring break and we are so excited to get him home! We are hoping the airlines will be understanding and helpful and get him on another plane! I am guessing he won't be the only one that misses a plane this morning!

An update on Matt- On Friday he tried to get in to see his Dr.- No appts were available so he went to the urgent care in the office. The would not order an MRI because it needed to come from his own Doctor who did I mention was right in the hallway at the time. He was told to toughen up and come back on Monday. He is going back on Monday and hoping she will order an MRI so we know what is going on with his back. I have heard for people in their twenties with a herniated disc- nothing is done, they just give it time to heal. That is fine with us but we need to know if that is the problem or not. He will also need to know what to do to help it heal and what future activities to stay away from.

I hope and pray they will give him better guidance, follow through with the MRI and treat him respectfully. This may sound silly but if this doesn't happen- this boys Momma will be attending the next Dr appt with him! I remember when I was in my 20's- it was hard to get any respect and be listened too (I'm sounding like Rodney D*ngerfield) - it got better with each decade- too bad you have to get old to get respect!

Praying that his Dr appt goes well! That they order the MRI! Praying for God to heal Matt's back! Praying that Mark gets home today!

Did anyone else miss daylight savings time?


Karen said...

Praying for god news about Matt's back and healing. Hope Mark makes it home without too much trouble. We knew about daylight savings time and still did note get up on time, but we made it to Bible Study Fellowship just a few minutes late. I hope the time change and darker mornings help my little ones sleep in a little later:-)

Chasity said...

Jean, nothing sounds funny about you going...sounds like the Doctor needs a "momma" to kick his bottom into gear! That's your baby... I will be praying for him for his pain to subside and the doctors to ease his discomfort.