Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blogging while in Ch*na?

Since I am so bad with computers I need to have this all set up before we leave!

Now that Ch*na has blocked blogspot, how on earth do you post to your blog when you are there? I see many people do it successfully but I have no clue how they do it?

Another question- Can I see my blog from Ch*na? How do I know that I didn't make a mess out of the post and if the pics are really there? Can I see other peoples blogs when I am in Ch*na? This could be torture for me! I love to hop on the computer when the kids go to bed and wind down by checking out my friends blogs!

Should I have another sited for our trip? Maybe one that is not blocked? Which site do you recommend?

Please help!!

Thank you!!


Chad and Kristy said...

I hear so many people talk about issues with blogger in China but I had NONE! I had complete access to my blog at all times while in China. (Beijing, Xining (close to Tibet), and GZ) So, I am not a lot of help but maybe you will have the same luck:)

Susan said...

We used the Journey to Me website and loved it. There is a small fee but it worked really well for us and you can get the journey on a disc or book if you'd like to have for the girls. www.journeytome.com

Cari said...

We were just in China end of Feb through beg of March, and I could not see my blog or anyone's blog. They were blocked. We posted to the blog by changing the settings. I'll email the info to you.

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - we also were just in China in February and had already signed up for myadoptionwebsite.com for our China trip blog for Eli. We had one through that site for Philip as well and really loved it. I couldn't get anyone else's blog while there. I just sent e-mails of text and pictures to Joe and Jennifer, the owners of myadoptionwebsite.com, and they took it from there each day. I highly recommend them.

Good luck

Janet and gang

Lori said...

Just email your posts to your blog & attach pics as you would to a regular email. No, you won't be able to see your blog in China. Frustrating, I know!

To set up to email your posts, look on your dashboard, to the left of your blog name you should see a little cell phone and an envelope. Click on the envelope and it will walk you through setting it up. It's sooo easy! Call me if you need help!

Or just use Journey to Me! But...it's nice to keep your current blog up to date while in China!

Courtney said...

We were in China just two months ago and blogspot was blocked. I couldn't access my blog or see anyone else's blog. I emailed my text and photos to a friend who posted for me (I gave her access to my blog as an administrator before I left). It worked great! Emailing your posts works too, but if you have problems with it you won't know about it and can't fix it. Having a friend help out is the best way.

Karen said...


I don't know if blogger is blocked, but I heard it was. We used journey to me for our last adoption and it was great. I had set up a journey to me site for our current adoption, but had trouble with the posting. Everything kept wrapping around into one paragraph no matter how many times I hit return between paragraphs. I switched to youbelong.net and have not had any trouble. It also has an option buy by a CD of your journey. Hope you figure out where to post. I am looking forward to following your trip!

Suzette said...

So glad you asked this question. I was also trying to decide what to do. I think it will be the easiest for me to email my post and pictures to my sister to post for me while we are gone. Isn't that what sisters are for? I sure hope so!

Hezra said...

I was thinking along Suzette's line of thought-- have Katie do it and you just email her pics and info. Hmm, you BETTER figure something out sister! lol sorry, not trying to sound aggressive there-- just realllllly eager to see your trip and the 4 girls and their parents together at last. Yes I am living vicariously through you.

鳳珠鳳珠 said...
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Lynsay said...

WWWWeelllll, let see. As of today, google works, but has been blocked at least every other day. Facebook-blocked, Foxnews-blocked, blogger-blocked, blogspot-blocked. OneYearBible.com-unblocked!! At least you can read your Bible!

I would recommend Lori's suggestion and email it. Start doing all your posts that way until you leave so that you have the hang of it and know what it is going to look like, then you will be ready to go! (or access the way we do.....it is complicated though!)

Can't wait to see you!

Jennifer Barbee said...

We were also in China in Feb and Blogger was blocked. I taught my niece how to do our blog before we left and then I e-mailed the text and photos to her from China.

BlessedRUs said...

We just got home from China on April 3rd. Blogspot was blocked. We had already set up the blog (from home)to be able to post via email. It worked fine, but we were only able to post 1 or 2 pictures at a time.

Then we found out that we could log on to vtunnel.com and access our blog from there. This way we could see how our posts looked.

Have a great trip!