Thursday, April 1, 2010

Broken What?

This pic was taken when we found out we got our LOA! Mark is an incredible big brother! he adores his sisters and the feelings are mutual!

Last Sunday morning we got a call from Mark. He got injured while skiing (this is not Matt, it's Mark this time) in Colorado were he goes to school. His knee was swollen twice it's normal size. We felt so bad for him but there wasn't much we could do since he was so far away. We tried to think positively about it and assume it was sprained. We hoped he had not damaged his ACL or MCL- an injury that may require a long recuperation and physical therapy. Later than day he went to urgent care and they gave him a brace and crutches and referred him to a orthopedic surgeon.

His appointment was yesterday- they told him he broke his knee cap- ouch. He has to use the brace and be on the crutches for 6 more weeks and then just the brace for two. If the swelling doesn't go down they will remove the fluid. He was lucky- it is all n the right place and he does not need surgery.

His a little down right now- the pain is pretty bad and it is very hard to get to classes and carry books with crutches- poor guy. Hubby will stop in and see him when he is in Colorado for work. I wish I could be with him but we were just there 4 weeks ago. I would love to bring him home but with school and his limited mobility we think that would be even harder on him.

Please say a prayer for Mark! Thank you!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Poor Mark...Poor Mama!!!

Sometimes it is even harder when they don't live close to us any longer!!! And then sometimes ignorance is bliss, well at least for me!

Hope Mark is back to slopes, well next year!!!

Motherbird said...

Oh my goodness, Jean!

If it's not one thing it's another. Poor mama.

I Hope Mark is on the mend and heals up real soon. It is hard to slow down, especially for a boy that age!

Glad he doesn't need surgery, though. We need to look on the bright side of things. :)


Serving the King said...

Father God we ask that you be with Mark right now when his family can't be with him. Lord we know you love him even more than they do so we pray You will comfort him and his mama and help them to rest in the peace that You are the Great Healer and we ask that you be with him as we walks..albeit with crutches...this road before him. We pray you will ease his frustration, strengthen his body, put those in his path that will help him over the next few weeks. Thank you for your faithfulness in loving all of us, in Jesus precious name we this, Amen.

Praying for you Jean! I can't imagine having to be away from them when they are they all really have to grow up at some point? -Argh-!

Serving the King said...

Apparently I cannot pray and type with correct spelling at the same time! Whoops! We this in Jesus name? Seriously, I need a cuppa coffee!

Sophie said...

I will pray for healing for Mark.
Gosh boys can certainly get injured quite often, I have 5, and boy do they keep me running, mostly to the urgent care clinic for stitches!
Praying for mama's sanity too!