Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Chuckle or Two!

Sarah will be celebrating her first communion this Saturday! She is very excited and a bit nervous! We told her no laughing up there and you can't say "yuck".
The other night she had a dream. Instead of the small little morsel of bread she was handed a large round loaf of bread. She had to eat the whole thing quick. When it came time for the wine she accidently downed the whole thing! Poor girl, what a nightmare!
I told her "Honey don't worry about it. It will go just fine. Mom and Dad will be right next to you."

The other day we were talking and Sarah mentioned something about her older sibs having babies (yes, that would be you Matt and Katie). I said "someday", when they get married they can start having children! That will be so exciting! I said, "Sarah you would love that, you love babies! And I can hardly wait to be a grandma!"

Her eyes lit up, "Oh, I've never had a Grandma!" she said. "I would love that!"

No, no honey! I'm your Momma, I'd be the Grandma to the new babies and you would be an auntie!

Ya know, it was so precious and so sincere!

Somethings just take longer than other "to get"! Anyways, I did have a good chuckle out of it!

Older child adoption = never a dull moment!! There is always something funny happening!


Sally-Girl! said...

What a sweet girl!!! Can't wait to see her again in about 6 weeks! Just think in 8 weeks God willing we should be home wiht our kids!!!

Loving you dearly my friend!!!

TanyaLea said...

That's SO cute!! Never a dull moment is right. What a sweetheart!

Any word on how Lukes surgery went? I can't get him out of my thoughts.


Sue said...

Monika will be getting her first communion on the 2nd of May, she is also so excited, and can't wait to take the bread, but decided no wine for her, she will fake it. I don't think there will ever be a dull moment in your house, you have so much love in your house and with all the kids, they will keep you hopping, including the grandkids in the future.

Leah said...

So stinkin cute!

Lori said...

That is so funny!! I love that girl's sense of humor! What a hoot!

Jboo said...

She is so sweet! First Communion can be a little scary, but so special. Maddy was afraid she might get community service for her penance at First Confession! Told her she'd probably just get some prayers to say!


Chasity said...

Precious...she is just an angel! I will be praying for her for her first communion. Such a wonderful time in your precious family. I'm certain she will do wonderful and be comforted with mom and dad right beside her.