Saturday, April 24, 2010

Go or Stay, Go or Stay?

Thank you , thank you or all of you that have been praying for Luke. For all updates on him check this blog! We are so very thankful to those of you that have prayed and fasted! I love seeing the Lord work and we most certainly have seen that through this little boy!

Thank you to those of you that are praying for Chrissie. I was lead to her through my bloggy friend Jennifer. It was so jaw dropping I had to plead for more prayers for this darling child. I so believe in the power of prayer and the power of more than one praying at the same time. I knew you all would pray! You all are incredible and so love the Lord! I wish I lived near all of you!

Yesterday was a challenging day. Sometimes we just have those kinds of days! Before I even get started the rewards out weigh the punishments! Yes, it is so worth it!

Today my star student didn't not want to learn. No, not at all... It started early in the morning and we quickly aborted schooling. Miss S shut down, did not listen to her Momma one bit and for much of the day I seemed to be the enemy. She spent a lot of time thinking about it, while sitting a chair or on her bed in her room. About 4:00 in the afternoon her stubbornness was wearing out and she decided to apologize and talk about it with me.

She said she was very nervous for her first communion. She didn't want to make a mistake. We talked about what would happen if she did make a mistake- nothing would happen, it would be okay. We talked about better ways to handle our fears and sharing it with Mommy earlier. It is so good to see her develop her faith and care about what God thinks. I made sure she knows he forgives and he loves her. She seemed to recover quickly. And Me- it exhausted me. All day I tried to open a door to communication, only it wasn't going to happen until Miss S was ready. Let's just say a huge loving hug, kisses and you are the best Mommy in the world quickly made any feelings I may have had go away!

From this conversation came another conversation about going to China. That is stressor #2 in her life and after tonight it will move to #1. Sarah thought she would prefer to stay home- AT HER HOUSE and she would be happy to would welcome her sisters HOME AT THE AIRPORT!
An hour later she said she changed her mind and now wants to go to China.

Sarah is an incredibly wonderful little girl! When she shuts down, it is extremely challenging. It is manageable at home but I'm not sure if she were to do it in China how we would handle it and what would be Emma and Ellie's reaction?

I am not quite sure what it is regarding her traveling to China. We are trying to figure it out and problem solve. We are going to plan for all of us (Mom, Dad, Katie, Sarah and Anna) to go to China but we will see at that moment who actually gets on the plane.

I think the language issue will be very hard for her. She can understand some Chinese but can only say words here and there and maybe a few phrases.
It may be hard for her that her parents (that would be us) are not Chinese. In China we are the odd ones. She may be embarrassed of us.
She has jealous moments and at home is really dealing with it well- how will she do in China?
Even though she loves everything Chinese she is remembering more and more not so good things about China. It is not a warm and fuzzy place to her.
Deep inside she fears being left in China.

What ever we decide will help her to grow. If we bring her she will learn to overcome many fears and she will believe us when we tell her she is ours forever.
If she stays home she will be able to continue doing the things she loves and being in the environment that she finds comfort in, but she will have missed out on a trip of a lifetime.
Anyway we look at it there will be some backwards and forwards progress being made.

Stay Tuned!!


Shonni said...

Poor sweet much to work through...How special to have a mommy now to work those things through. I know that the LORD will show you when it is time what will be best for her.

TanyaLea said...

I will be praying for wisdom that the correct decision be made. But I know that God will protect her heart either way. We are praying God's hedge of protection over her and your whole family during your travels. You are such a good mommy and it will all be okay. Poor little sweetheart. So many concerns that she should not have to think about at such a young age, yet she has also come SO far. God has you all in His arms and He will give you the grace you need to sustain you in whatever may be.

Have a blessed weekend celebrating Miss S!! ;)

love and hugs,

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

That is a tough situation. We will pray for you as you make the decision for who should go?

We were definitely praying with you all, and I believe it is sooo wonderful to pray together as a community for others. Makes the body of Christ- REAL!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, what a tough situation! I said a prayer for y'all that He would guide you to the best decision for all.

Motherbird said...


There is so much to think about how things will impact Sarah. What a hard decision that would be. Praying for you for guidance. I know you'll make the best choice for her.


Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for your sweet daughter and whatever decision you all make about who stays and who goes.

Janet and gang