Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got it!!

Yippee! We got off the plane and checked or e-mails. Our agency notified us that they had received our I-800! When we got home it was waiting for us!! So so thrilled to be moving along! I can hardly wait to get these darlings home!!

Now we need to get our NVC letter? We have always done the I-600 way so this is new to us! I'm sure once I get it all figured out they'll change it to the I-900 ;-)
Any idea how long that will take for our NVC letter?

I just have to worn you all that if you don't like kids dressing alike you may not want to follow us to China! YEP- I've done a little shopping and well all 4 girls may be dressing alike! Just thought I'd warn you! Don't worry, they won't be doing it forever- we are just gonna have a little fun in the beginning!

Please say a little prayer for our Mark- he has the flu along with the fractured knee cap and he is 1,000 miles away from us. He is miserable in every way.
Thank you!


TanyaLea said...

CONGRATS!! ...that IS exciting news to come home to! I think the NVC letter takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks on average. But hopefully things keep moving fast for you!!

We learned today that our TA is sitting on the directors desk, waiting to be signed...but he is on a business trip and may not be back for a couple of weeks. ARGH!!! But I have to trust that though it is hard to wait even longer yet again, that this is part of God's plan unfolding. Looking like May travels for sure now.

We'll definitely be praying for Mark. And how is Matt doing, BTW?

Welcome back home. We're supposed to have a nice weekend ahead of us...though I'm sure it won't compare to FL. All those beachy photos were so enticing!! What a wonderful family time.

God bless!

Hezra said...

soooooo excited for you!!

Angie said...

Yahoo!! We're waiting on ours as well...wait, wait, and wait some more!

Lori said...

That's great news! And I love that you want to dress all the girls alike! I think that will help them all feel united! (Thanks for the wArning. :)

Poor Mark!! Gosh, that sounds awful!

Craig and Phyllis said...

This was a great post to wake up to! What is an NVC? We adopted from Russia, so China's process is a bit confusing to me. I have heard of some of the other things - LOA, TA, but not the NVC.

I love the idea of you dressing all your girls alike. What a way for them to be connected externally while the internal is being developed. We dressed our three boys the same when we got them out of the orphanage, plus very similarly for most of the rest of the trip.

Praising God with you this morning.

Pam said...

Great news!

I'm all for dressing the girls alike. I think it will reinforce that they all belong together now! Sisters! I can't wait to follow along. But maybe I'll get to see them in person! That would be far better!

As for the NVC letter....we have been on the long side of average for the whole USCIS process for both Grace and Charlie. I just pray that yours moves more quickly.

Serving the King said...

WOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!

Motherbird said...

Great news!!

I have been following an I-800 chart which has been helpful to me in the steps. Go to Click on FORUM on the right. Click on SPECIAL NEEDS DISCUSSION. One of the topics right now is 4/6/10 STEPS TO TA.


Mandi said...

WOW, what a great surprise you had once you returned home. The NVC letter does not take hardly anytime. In fact, you can call the NVC in a couple of days to see if it has been cabled (which usually only takes a couple of days), then the letter comes a few days after that.

It only took us a week for Drew's NVC cable and letter.

Poor Mark, I will definitely be praying.


Difference2This1 said...


MoonDog said...

sincce you mentioned it....I just cant get enough of dressing them alike! LOOOOOVE it. Im sure your girls will be home soon!

living4him5 said...

Congratulations!! One step closer!

BTW...My girls love to dress alike too!

God bless,
Amy <><

Chad and Kristy said...

Wooooohooooo! SO excited for you! I dressed my girls alike in China:) I think its cute! Can't wait, can't wait to see you all together:)

David and Sarah said...

Hooray!!! Can't wait to see your girls in their matching outfits!


Adeye said...

Oh that is such wonderul news, my friend. Another HUGE step closer. Yayeeeee!!!!!!

Rejoicing with you here in the Ukraine.

Karen said...

What wonderful news!!!

Loving that you will dress the girls alike:-) My two youngest sons (4 & 5 yrs) choose to dress alike most days. They have clothes that match, but they pick out their own clothes. I love to walk by and here one of them ask the other one, "Do you want to match today?" I think it will help all your girls feel like they are all "the same" in your heart.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying & hoping with you- sooonnn!!!!!!!!!! I like the dressing alike :)

Cari said...

that's awesome! good for you guys!

hey the matching thing is not so's easier to keep track of everybody...especially in a foreign country!