Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Party Day, Anna! (and the matching clothes issue)

It's getting late- 8:00 am. My students are still sleeping! If you've been living with Anna lately- you would want her to sleep. Yes, she has been a bit crabby. I keep thinking she must have an ear infection but there are no cold symptoms. I guess I just want an antibiotic to take away the crabbies and whines!

We celebrated her birthday last night. It's always fun to get together. She loved every minute of it - in her own way. She does not like to be the center of attention- and just isn't sure how to act when she is. Dinner was eaten from her Daddy's lap but she had no problem opening the gifts!

Well, Katie came over and looked at the clothes we are bringing to China for the girls. She is not a fan of dressing them alike... and definitely not a fan of doing it... well, everyday. The is a chance I may have gotten carried away with the whole thing- but oh well!

Okay - let's think positively about this-
I will know who my kids are in a crowd (and so will everyone else, whether we want them to or not ;-)
It made packing easier! Instead of trying to figure out what each girl should wear- I just had to pick out about 7 outfits x 4 and put them in the suitcase!
There is a small window where this is completely acceptable- twins, triplets, quadruplets (I know that's not us but I'm pretending). It's also okay for young children and new adoptees and their new sibs- from what I hear!

Katie will most likely not be joining us in China! No, it's not because of the clothes. It's because we hope to leave before she is done with teaching for this year.

We offered to get her the outfits for her in her size! After all she is one of the girls! (She declined)

Im starting to wonder if my students are fake sleeping?? I better go check on them!


Hezra said...

I think the matching clothes is good, if the girls wearing them are ok with it. yes I can understand Katie declining ;-)
In the past I have tried to have matching tee shirts at least for our crew for field trips or something. It helped when they were all small to keep everyone together. Now, though, Ri is nearly 13 I am sure he wouldnt be so appreciative. lol I cant tell you how excited I am with your girls coming home!

Serving the King said...

Girl you crack me up! I plan on doing somewhat of the matchy-matchy when we are in China as well,(I am currently drooling over 6 blue "Chosen" Wild Olive Tees for all the boys, it certainly makes it so much easier to spot them as you said! You go girl!

olivia said...

That's right! This may be your only chance!! Go for it! It will be super sweet! They will love it! Maybe not next year but now they will!! Is Anna turning 4? If so I don't think an antibiotic will help. My Audrey turned 4 in February and as fun as 4 is she seems to have waves of pms!! Sheri

Pam said...

I say, match the girls, especially while in China. I know with my 2 even, it's much easier to spot them in a group. Also, I do think it will help cement in their minds that they belong together as sisters. Given their ages, I would probably just do the matching with this spring/ summer wardrobe, and by the time it's fall, they may not want to match anymore. Or maybe they will. :)

Jboo said...

Sweet photos -- you have the most adorable family!

Think the matching clothes would be so helpful in China! Keeping fingers crossed that you will be going soon!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I LOVE THE MATCHING OUTFITS!!! I will look forward to pics!!!!

Mom Of Many said...

YOu are too funny!! Happy birthday Anna - you look so much older than when we met you last July in Iowa City.

And by the way sweet friend...I went on your profile to open up your blog and I am just wondering if you heard that phrase: She with the most blogs wins?

Seriously! How in the heck do you keep up with all those? You must be Superwoman!! I am clearly impressed....xo

soontobemomof9 said...

My girls will be pseudo twins. :) And Luke will probably coordinate as well with some things. :)

I LOVE matching outfits, though some may think I am a dweeb!

Hooray on your news below! The article 5 letter is a big milestone in Bulgarian adoptions!

Lori said...

So funny! And listen, your comment on my blog today totally cracked me up!! You are a hoot!

Craig and Phyllis said...

I still like the matching thing. Our older daughters may not "get it" but that is okay. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing." I had all three boys dressed alike for the plane ride home. Having that was so helpful navigating through the airport, crowds, and on the plane. But, I really think it will be so good for them to feel like they belong together when they do not "know" each other yet. Anything to help the bonding along!

Wes said...

I can't imagine why Katie does not want her share of the outfits?!
If we leave the house, my girs(4&6) match. They wear hand-me-downs and yard sale clothes at home, but out--they always match. Some dresses are different styles, but same print. Our new son (5) even has a few pairs of gingham pants, with monogrammed T's, that I made to match his sister's smocked dresses. ANd while in CHina, I bought 2 of everything boy, so when we go back in the summer fo Waid, the boys will match=).
I say do it until they moan and groan!
Your girls will have an automatic sense of belonging, and the people in CHina will have even more to stare at!=) Janet

Sally-Girl! said...

Love the matching clothes idea, sorr Katie but you know I am already a fan of yours, a hopeful future mother n law of yours! We are going to try to do some with Bryson and Gio too!

Hey, Jean let's get matching outfits for Jim and Robert!!! Now that would be a hoot!