Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We went to an Easter celebration on the island! Sarah is a natural at the hula hoop!
There were many people there... too many for my children. They just don't like big crowds! Unless it's our family that is!

Anna was wondering who on earth is this big furry guy. Sarah and Johnny went along with the fun!

After church we went out for brunch and played the thankful game. We have a sweet little 10 yr old girl who has to work on saying positive things instead of negative. We had fun playing it... and then she got mad that it was all over, how ironic! ;-)
We will need to keep working on this but I think today she is getting the idea!

Playing picnic before church! We were going to attend a sunrise service but it ended up being to early for this crew. We went to the local Catholic church instead. It was crowded, so much so we didn't even make it into the building but instead worship on the step outside and peaked in through the large open doors. I know this is not the best worshipping situation but you know it was so enjoyable feeling the cool breeze along with the warmth of the sun! God was everywhere and it was a pleasure! No complaints from us!

Happy kids after they got their Easter candy!

So grateful to our blessed Saviour!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Happy Easter my dear friend! This Easter has a little extra meaning to us this year...wink wink!!! Glad you have been a big part of it!!!

Lori said...

I'm snickering at Sarah getting mad when the 'thankful game' was over. That's hilarious!

Love all your pics! And it's great to see so many of Johnny these days!

Happy Easter!!

Christine said...

Happy easter! Are those the girls bed? If so-- you are a genius! My girls would love beds that they can turn into a chair during the day. Really -- you have given me a great idea!

Cari said...

Happy Easter!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your special family time.

TanyaLea said...

Ohhhh, the 'thankful game'...that's a good one. Funny that Sarah got mad that it was least she's catching onto the idea. One day she is going to look back and laugh at that!! :)

The island looks most inviting! I can't wait to see the photos of 'your girls' next spring break!!! Enjoy the warm sand and beautiful sunshine... and bring some home to MN when you return!

Happy Easter, dear friend! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Karin said...

Sounds sooo wonderful... I love your photos...they are beautiful. :)

David and Sarah said...

Happy Easter!!

Sophie said...

Beautiful photos, I don't blame Anna for being nervous with the Easter bunny I always found that big rabbit intimidating! Hope you had a wonderful Easter
Blessings :)

Adeye said...

Happy Easter, dear friend, looks like you had a fabulous day. Yes, God sure is everywhere.

Beautiful pics of your precious family. Can't wait to see a few more in there.

Hugs from the Ukraine.