Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hoping and Praying for I800 approval!!

We had a glorious time in Florida! The girls loved the pelicans!

Such interesting birds!

All I have to say for this poor guy is - ouch!

I am hoping and praying that we have our I800 approval waiting for us at home so we can get everything sent off to China!

We have decided to take the girls to China and Jim will go too! Thank you for all your input! I am so excited to have them with us! We are really used to them being around and would miss them terribly. I am also excited to get the bonding process going right away in China!

The next time we go ;-) they will all probably not be able to go with us so this is perfect for everyone!

We have talked to Sarah a lot about it and reassured her that she will not leave our side the whole time. I think she is getting excited to go!

This little one just wants to be where her Momma and Daddy are- wherever that is!


quilt-n-mama said...

Praying for your I-800! And your trip to China, I'm excited that you are all going! Can't wait to follow this trip to China (and your next one:)

Lori said...

Your Florida pics always give me my daily dose of sunshine, whether it's sunny here or not. And don't be surprised if you trip over me on the beach...because I'm feeling lured down there! You really should work for the dept. of tourism, friend.

Glad you made a decision on who will travel to China. Sounds like a good choice!

Come on I800 approval!!

Michele said...

We are close to the same timeline. I hope your approval comes soon!!

PS - I am totally jealous that you are in FL, btw!

Karen said...

Praying your I800 approval is sitting in your mailbox when you return. Glad you feel comfortable with your decision on who is traveling. I, personally, think that's a great choice:-) If we could swing it, I'd like to take all 6 of mine again.

Beautiful beach pictures!! It was 93* here in NORTHERN Va. What's up with that? It was warmer in Southeast Texas than here. Being near the beach would have made it bearable:-)

David and Sarah said...

So glad that they'll be going with you!


Sue said...

Praying for you....I think you made the right decision to take the girls with....